Friday, 21 June 2013

Modern Skirmish 20mm

Having invested in Force on Force and Arc of Fire recently, I decided it was time to put together some forces for modern skirmish games.  As I'm planning on playing at the Crisis Point game next April, set in the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia I decided to put together a militia force for the game with some opposition provided by some Major Power intervention forces.  The latter were easy, a box each of Italeri Modern US infantry and Soviet Special Forces, both from ModelZone sales in Liverpool and Plymouth.  I also added a couple of boxes of Esci Modern British and German infantry, courtesy of Will from the Defenders club.  For the militia forces I scoured various web sites and finished up purchasing a set of each of the Militia, Chechen and Taliban offerings from Under Fire Miniatures at Phalanx last week.  Using them all together should give a nice, ethnically diverse militia force.  I added a ready painted BMP-1 from Grubby Tanks and plan to equip a couple of pick-up trucks as "technicals" at some point in the future.  So, this week I found myself painting 20mm miniatures for the first time in 30 odd years.

First up, UFMs Militia pack 1, one kneeling and one standing figure firing AK47s, one advancing at the ready with AK47 and slung RPG-7 and a running figure with AK47 and disposable AT weapon.  I painted these in a mix of combat fatigues, denim jeans and T-shirts.
 AK-47 firing and running figure with AK and disposable AT launcher
 Kneeling firing AK-47 and advancing with AK-47 and slung RPG-7.
 US infantry/Marine section/fire team.
 Section commander and two advancing infantrymen.
 Kneeling and standing firing figures plus a running/charging figure.
 British 90's infantryman test from the front -
 - and rear.
 Soviet naval paratrooper test, from the front -
  - and rear.

Looking forward to getting these forces and their unpainted lead/plastic comrades on the table.  I've heard nothing but good things about FoF and AoF so looking forward to trying each of these out in the near future.  First read through suggests both should be good fun.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice work Andy, really like the UFM figures they look great. I recently got a copy of both FoF and AoF so another couple of games for the 'Shed'.


    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard, sounds good. I must say these figures are really easy to paint - in bare metal they look slightly spindly (IMHO), but once painted up they look really well proportioned.