Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pittsburgh panorama

Not really wargames related, but I was most impressed by the view of Pittsburgh from Washington Heights.  I think this must by a good candidate for one of the most impressive views of any city I've ever seen, alongside Cape Town with Table Mountain and Plymouth (the one in England) from Mt Edgecombe Park.

See for yourself!

Downtown in the angle at the confluence of the Allegheny (to the left of downtown) and Monongahela (extreme right)  Rivers, where they converge to form the Ohio River (on the left).  This is the gateway to the west, with the Ohio flowing out across the mid-Western prairies and into the Mississippi.  The city was once one of the most heavily industrial on earth, as the following images from the early 20th century indicate.  These are rather poor flash photographs of pictures on display at the top of the Duquesne incline, a funicular railway that ascends from the South Shore to Washington Heights.

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