Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yet more 20mm modern skirmish

Modern Chechen fighters from Under Fire Miniatures.  These will be providing a better trained militia for Andreivia.  Not sure yet which faction they will be supporting.

Chechen 2 SAM/HQ team.  Observer/leader with binoculars, PKM MG, SAM7 and AK47 firing.
 From behind.
 The leader/observer and PKM machine gunner.
 SAM-7 and AK-47 gunners.
 Chechen 1 Tank Hunters.  Standing slung AK-47 (another possible leader), PKM MG, AK-47 and RPG-7 figures.
 And from the back.
 The PKM machine gunner with possible leader figure.
 RPG-7 and AK-47 figures.

Again, nice figures to paint, undercoated in white acrylic gesso, shaded with army painter dark tone ink applied as a wash and painted using Vallejo paints.  Matt acrylic varnish by Wilkinson's.  Next, the Taliban.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    I'm about to start a new project about Chechnya 1994-96 and I would like to ask if you know where I could find some info about uniforms and colors for Chechen and Russian Army of those days.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Vaggelis,

    All my Chechens were based on Google images (try searching Google for Chechen fighters, soldiers or infantry). I've tried to give them a mix of Soviet style uniforms having found plain "Russian Green", "Khaki Green", Olive Green with Sand and others, plus various shades of blue for "police" style uniforms. I've tried to mix and match for an irregular feel, plus adding odd civilian kit like jeans, T shirts etc. Also black woolly hats seem to be common, along with luxuriant beards. I haven't done many Russians, but am assuming most conscripts would be wearing standard green drab uniforms, although VDV and other elites would probably be wearing the green and sand fatigues. You could try posting a question on the Ambush Alley/Force on Force forum as I'm sure there will be better informed people there than me.

    Hope this helps, cheers, Andy

  3. Thank you very much for your help Andy. Keep up the good work on your blog!!