Sunday, 31 August 2014

FoW Jagdtigers

It was a wet morning here, so a good time to get to work on a couple of Jagdtigers that Phil at the Defenders club wanted painted - in return for a troop of Churchills.  So, here they are, airbrushed in Vallejo Dunkelgelb primer with a web-like cammo pattern in NATO brown and NATO green proxies for the exact colours.  Tracks, tools and MG are picked out in gunmetal and beige brown for tool handles.  Air intakes were picked out in dark tone ink.  The commander is in field grey uniform with flat flesh skintone, black headphones and white and pink waffenfarbe.  They still have to be matt varnished, but that can wait 24 hours while the paint completely hardens off.

For the photographs, I tried to experiment with the camera settings.  The first image is a standard exposure using the auto and macro functions on the camera.  The depth of field is very narrow and large parts of the left hand model are out of focus.

So, I set the camera to manual aperture priority and whacked the aperture down to F22.  The image is much sharper with good depth of field, but underexposed and very dim.

So, I upped the ASA rating from 125 (standard setting) to 8000, which has given a much brighter and pretty much correctly exposed image.  On my screen the colours match pretty much with what the naked eye sees.

So, I got in close to see what the depth of field was like.  Looks like the tip of the gun barrel is just beginning to get a little fuzzy.

Then closer still.  The depth of field in this image is excellent - I'm very pleased with this one.

So, I'm convinced, aperture priority with the aperture stopped down and shutter speed 1/15th second or faster to minimise camera shake and the ASA/ISO rating up pretty high.  On screen, the pictures zoom a long way before getting too grainy as well.  The image has a feel for one of those propaganda images showing how the new wonder weapons were going to throw the allies back and lead them to the negotiating table.

Quite pleased with these, hope Phil is too.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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