Saturday, 15 November 2014

20mm Fallschirmjäger command

As I've had a lot of "giants" (20mm +) on the painting table recently, I decided, while I'm on a roll, to try and complete the figures I have for my 20mm Fallschirmjäger brigade for Rapid-Fire.  These are a mixture of mainly Airfix and S&S models (the rifle grenadiers and AT rifles), the latter purchased at the WWS show back in 2013, which have lain at the back of the cupboard with a Gesso undercoat since this time last year.

First up, all the command units, in front 3 6-figure battalion command units, rear left a 6-figure brigade command unit and rear right a 2-figure observer team (FAO or FAC).

The brigade command company - just noticed I still have to do some detailing on the brigade commanders hat.

A new photo of the CO with better detailing on the hat

One of the battalion command companies, with the observer team behind.

The command groups one more time.

That pretty much completes the basic infantry units for the brigade.  I've still got to pick up some HMG and mortar teams for heavy weapons companies and I still have to decide how I'm going to crew my PAK 37s with Fallschirmjäger crews - I'll probably have to pick these up from S&S at the next show I get to.

Thanks for looking.

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