Sunday, 23 November 2014

20mm SAS team for Afghanistan

This is the Britannia Miniatures SAS Special Forces team.  First up the team as a whole, one bare headed sniper on the right and the rest in helmets with built in comms and mounts for night vision equipment.  These guys are armed to the teeth carrying personal weapons plus alternates slung from their shoulders.  I like the poses, although it would have been useful to have a spotter for the sniper.

The kneeling sniper figure.  I've shown this one with sand cammo covers on the sniper rifle stock and sights.

I think this guy is carrying an SA-80 with UGL.

I think this guy carries a HK SMG with a slung assault shotgun over his shoulder.

Not sure what the weapon is, but this one is heavily silenced.

I think this guy carries a minimi, or is it a GPMG?

Rear view of the group.

These guys look like they could be quite handy to have on your side in a FonF game.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andy,

    You're really churning them out at the moment :-) wish I was, I seem to be struggling with my own 20mm WWII infantry. Are you painting up a new medic to replace the one that killed all his patients?


  2. Thanks Richard. I had to have a minor op a couple of weeks ago so had several days off work, which coincided with an order arriving from Britannia. So nothing else to do and lots of lovely figures and vehicles; there was no contest from daytime TV.

    The medic is back in the NHS picking up valuable experience, while his replacement is getting ready for his first combat ops. Funny enough, the nurse that cared for my Mum in her final days was being posted to Afghanistan, she was his last assignment before he shipped out. I hope Dave made it through with no problems.

    Cheers, and let's see some of those ww2 figs on your blog soon, Andy

  3. Blimey you have been busy mate. I think I will ship the contents of Shed HQ up to you I reckon you would have everything painted by Wednesday morning :-) Great work as always.
    Richard P

  4. Thanks Richard. Not sure I could paint that much lead :-) Been bitten by the FonF bug so I wanted to get a good force together to cover a range of scenarios.
    Cheers, Andy