Saturday, 3 January 2015

15mm Matchbox Oshkosh MRAP

Over Christmas, I was working up these four Matchbox Oshkosh MRAPs.  The vehicles are just repainted, some were originally orange and some sand-coloured.  They are painted tan yellow and NATO black, washed with matt varnish and army painter strong tone ink.  Windows are azure, dry brushed white and the vehicles are dry brushed white with black dry brushed basalt grey.  HMGs are spares from the Plastic Soldier British M3 halftrack set and the USMC crew figures are Peter Pig medics cut in half and glued in.  These are going to find a place on the table for 15mm games of Force on Force, Tomorrows War and AK-47.  Purchase price £1.30 per vehicle, well worth getting on my knees and rummaging through the big boxes of toy cars on the bottom shelf of the toy counters in supermarkets - thanks Tesco's and Morrison's.

Thanks for looking.  Next in the pipeline will be my "Wild Geese" mercenary force.


  1. These toys do come out well once they're given a coat of paint and it doesn't seem to matter that some of them aren't 100% accurate, they all look the part to me.

    Look forward to seeing your version of the Wild Geese.


  2. Thanks Richard, should have Richard Burton and Robert Harris posted shortly,

    Cheers, Andy