Sunday, 18 January 2015

15mm Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry

I've started work on a 15mm Soviet Motor Rifle Company.  The infantry are from Peterpig's AK-47 range and are regulars in Russian style helmets.  The photos show a dismounted platoon of three sections, each comprising a section assistant leader, RPG/AK-74, PK LMG and 3 AK-74 troopers.  There's also a 2 man command section.  These would be mounted in BMPs or BTRs, which would carry the section leader, driver and gunner, so I've ordered some BMP-2s from the QRF sale, which is on until the 2nd Feb.  I've got to get a couple more bags of figures from Peterpig to finish off the other two platoons and that should give me a motorised company. I'll post an update when the infantry and vehicles are ready.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Very nice, I do like the Peter Pig figures.

  2. Thanks guys. The Peterpig figures are really nice to paint - most detail is really crisp and clear.

    Cheers, Andy