Thursday, 24 December 2015

15mm Taliban motorcycles, HMGs and dickers

I've been working on these off and on for the last couple of months - irregular figures always seem to take longer due to the eclectic mix of clothing colours.  These are Fireforce 15s, available in the U.K. from Old Glory.  First up is a pack of irregular figures on motorbikes, six models in total, two with rider and pillion carrying RPG, two rider with pillion carry AK-74s and two solo riders with AKs.

Viewed from the front.

And from behind.

Next up is part of the pack of irregular leaders and HMGs.  Here are two leader figures with binoculars and AK-74s, plus two Dushkas with 2 man crew.  Again, front and rear views shown.

And from the same pack, here are two dickers with mobile phones in front and two figures using PCs behind, all carrying slung AK-74s.  Again, front and rear views shown.

These will form opponents to my Peterpig USMC troopers, but are part of a long term project involving more Old Glory Command Decision irregulars and heavy weapons and several Middle Eastern buildings from the Baggage Train, including a mosque, market and several residential buildings.  I may also add an Ottoman fort from the same range.

Well, it's fast approaching teatime on Christmas Eve here in the U.K.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, what with the selection of cards, drinks and sweets laid out, presents under the tree and my son getting increasingly excited.  He's currently bouncing up and down shouting "It's Christmas Eve and Santa's coming next day!".  I hope you are all where you want to be this Christmas and with those you want to be with.  So, have yourselves a merry little Christmas, may your lead piles grow enormously tomorrow.

Have a great Christmas and thanks for looking.


  1. Blimey you've been busy again. Great work Andy. Have a great Christmas.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard, you too. Look forward to catching up next year.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Missed these earlier. I'd never heard of Fireforce, very interesting. They look great, but I can't buy anymore, 15mm was just a side project! You're not helping Andy!