Wednesday, 23 December 2015

20mm Britannia Chieftain

Another purchase from Paul at the club, this is a Britannia Chieftain to provide a bit of heavy armour to my Cold War British army in 20mm.  This was quite a frustrating kit, due to the number of bubbles, particularly leading to missing details.  I had two passes over the model filling in holes, then undercoated it and found more, then base coated it Tamiya NATO green and found even more.  There are still a few but I'll live with them as battle damage!  Black splodges are Vallejo NATO black, as are the MG and the strapping on the gun barrel although these are dry brushed basalt grey.  Tracks and towing cables are gunmetal grey, while tarps are khaki, orange brown, NATO green and golden olive.  The commanders uniform is NATO black dry brushed basalt grey with a NATO green bone dome. Insulation wrapping on the barrel is green grey.  I also used a Tamiya mud stick to add mud to tracks, side skirts and bow and rear of the hull.

Photos show the model from various angles.

This will go with a company of British infantry that I'm planning for Force on Force or Arc of Fire, using figures from Elhiem, Britannia, RH Models and Platoon 20.  These should also mix well with Royal Marines figures that I have from RH Models, Stonewall Miniatures and Platoon 20.

I hope to get one more post in before Christmas, some Old Glory Taliban in 15mm.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Holy Crap, Andy, that is fierce looking!


  2. Thanks Jack! Have a great Christmas and hope to see some battle reports soon.

    Cheers, Andy