Saturday, 12 December 2015

6mm Sea Vixen and Gannet

Not much painting progress recently.  I painted these a while ago, but never got round to photographing them.  These are Heroics and Ros Sea Vixen and Gannet models, representing aircraft that date back to the 1970's when Britain still had real aircraft carriers with fixed wing aircraft, unlike today where we have new aircraft carriers being built but nothing to fly off them for a few years yet!  Tax money, easy come easy go.  I spent my teenage years in the mid- to late-70's fishing for Flounder on the River Tamar under the shadow of first HMS Eagle and then HMS Ark Royal before they were eventually towed away and broken up for scrap, thus ending the need for aircraft like these.

They are painted in dark sea blue and ivory, with royal blue and flat red hand painted markings.  Flight stands are from Litko.

The twin boom Sea Vixen. 

The Gannet, loaded with lots of electronic kit.

Nice models, relatively simple to paint with no assembly.  Not sure I'll ever get them on the table top,  but nicely evocative of the period.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh I think you might looking at some earlier Cold War games in the future. Maybe Joy of Six as I know Richard C has some 70's stuff.
    Richard P

  2. Sounds interesting. I'll have to get some Hunters and Phantoms. Got the Buccaneers already.

    Cheers, Andy