Saturday, 16 January 2016

20mm 20th Century UK Battlefield clutter

This week I have been mostly painting up some battlefield clutter from Sgts Mess, which I picked up just after New Year from their January sale.  These should all fit in well with most 20th Century British battlefields, but I have them in mind for my late 70's - early 80's British Civil War campaign.

First up, a WW1 war memorial, to be found in just about every British village, town and suburb in 1980.  I also picked up a packet or poppy wreaths which can be placed at the base of the memorial for winter scenarios set after November 11th.

Then one of a pair of telephone boxes.  These could be found on just about every street corner from the reign of George V until the rise of the mobile phone at the end of the 20th Century.  I well remember queuing to use one of these back in the 70's and 80's.

Next, an RAC (Royal Automobile Club) rescue box.  I never had to use one of these, but had a key to one with my car keys until about 5 years ago.  Much more reassuring to be able to use a mobile if you breakdown.

Some assorted sign boards.  The one on the left sticking out of an oil drum is going to have "HALT" on it for an army checkpoint.  The next is crying out for "DANGER MINES" or "MoD Property; Keep Out".  The third is a rural fingerboard direction sign, while the fourth will do as a village or town name board on the edge of built up areas.  I'm thinking of printing off game-specific names on labels to stick on and peel off after the game.

Wherever there are people living, they make waste.  Here a set of galvanised metal dustbins for outside houses or lining the street if its bin day.

A brick-built post box and a cast iron pillar box, when you wanted to get in touch before the days of texts and e-mails.

The collection so far, alongside a kneeling Platoon 20 figure for scale.

As above, with the addition of a couple of Blotz market stalls, also from Sgts Mess.

These should hopefully add a bit of colour and interest to my upcoming British civil war campaign, although they would be fine for any WW2 British settings such as Sealion.

As ever thanks for looking.


  1. Very nice- useful bits to add colour and period feel to a table top.



    1. Thanks Pete. Just need to add some typical British buildings. Some HO or OO railway buildings should do the trick.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Very cool, Andy, I like it.

    Even cooler: A British Civil War in the 70s/80s? I'm intrigued; sounds like a campaign to me ;)


    1. Thanks Jack.

      Yes, thinking of doing something similar to the Winter of 79 blogger - he's got an article coming up in the Feb Wargames Illustrated. I'll probably set it locally to me in the Chester UK area, which is right on the Welsh border, so lots of opportunities for Free Welsh insurgents/terrorists, Socialist militias from the industrial heartlands and stout hearted loyalists from rural areas, not to mention Thatcher's regulars and territorials as well as police and maybe even Boy Scouts! Should be fun if all goes to plan.

      Cheers, Andy

  3. They look great Andy. Sgt's Mess make some really useful bits and bobs. I have a scout troop from them I was thinking of turning into an Andreivian Boys Brigade unit.
    Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard.

      That would be an interesting unit for the big game. I was thinking of a similar type of unit, but using the scout uniform of the 70's - green beret, dark green shirt and beige trousers. Armed with some FNs they would make a different unit for a scenario.

      Cheers, Andy