Sunday, 24 January 2016

20mm Cold War British in 44 pattern helmets

More British infantry for the Cold War/Falklands in 20mm.  This time a platoon in the 44 pattern helmet from RH Models (Liberation).  I've painted these in DPM jackets with light denim trousers in German field grey, dry brushed green grey.  At the front is a 4 man platoon HQ with officer, NCO, 50mm mortar and runner, with an attached blowpipe team on the right.  Behind are three eight man sections with NCO, Sterling SMG, Carl Gustav and assistant, GPMG and assistant, plus two riflemen.  At the back are some optional extras, with two bren gunners rear left, three snipers rear centre and a GPMG team rear right.

The blowpipe air defence team.

Platoon HQ.

Additional bren gunners.

Additional GPMG team.


Great little figures, I love the look of steely determination on their faces.

Lovely figures to paint, lots of raised detail that responds well to dry brushing and ink washing.  I'm really happy with the end result and look forward to getting these on the table.  I'm thinking these can be used as infantry for the Falklands or TAs for the Cold War and I'm thinking of providing Saxons for transport (I have two already).  They might also find themselves patrolling the streets and countryside in my modern English Civil War campaign.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great looking platoon, seems you got plenty of scenario ideas for it already.



  2. Thanks Pete,

    Lots of ideas - just a case of getting the time to put them in action. Hope to get my troop of RMs on the table next month for a scenario set in Norway.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Nice. I've long had a hankering to do early Cold War-turned-Hot - if only to use Czech Me262s.

    These guys look a little dark. Did you use a black undercoat?

  4. Thanks Richard. Centurions and Conquerors vs T55s and -62s, would certainly make an epic game. Did the Czechs use the Sdkfz 251 as well?

    I used a pale grey undercoat - I might use a brighter green for the next platoon, these use Tamiya NATO green and Vallejo NATO brown and black, plus a desert yellow-dark sand mix (sort of a mustard colour). I did use a very dilute Army Painter strong tone ink, but this was very weak, just enough to fill the folds in clothing and some of the facial features.

    Cheers, Andy