Sunday, 3 January 2016

More 20mm Cold War Royal Marines

I'm still building up my Cold War British infantry force, this time using Platoon 20 figures.  I've tried out a different method for these, first painting them with a 50:50 mix of desert yellow and dark sand (a pale mustard colour), then adding splodges of NATO green and then brown and finally thin streaks of NATO black.  Weapons and boots are NATO black dry brushed basalt grey or NATO green.  'Tashes and hair are flat brown and skin flat flesh, gaiters are English uniform.  The whole lot was washed with Army Painter strong tone diluted 4:1 with flow enhancer and polyurethane varnished matt.

First up P-B7 marine heavy weapons, prone GPMG team, kneeling Carl Gustav and standing Blowpipe launcher.

P-B4 infantry heavy weapons, prone GPMG team, kneeling Carl Gustav firer and standing GPMG gunner.

P-B14 Two marine Milan ATGM teams.

P-B6 Royal Marines firing, 2 kneeling and two standing with FNs.

P-B3 fixed mount GPMG in sustained fire role.

P-B10 Special Boat Service team.

P-B6a Royal Marines advancing, two with FNs, one GPMG and a Sterling SMG.

A pair of P-B15 Wombats and crew.  I saw one of these at the Crisis Point wargame last year, owned by Richard Crawley, and thought they would make a great addition to my Cold War force.

These will add to my Royal Marine force for the Falklands and deployment to Norway in Cold War Gone Hot scenarios as well as U.K. urban meltdown scenarios.  Nice figures to paint and I'm quite pleased with the overall finish.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Good stuff Andy! I think the camo smocks turned out really well, and love all the mustaches and sidburns, lots of character.


  2. Thanks Jack. Takes me back to the 80's with all the facial hair. Painted them up listening to The Clash (what else but "London Calling"), Elvis Costello ("Oliver's Army") and various offerings from the Jam, etc., just to get in the mood.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Cracking work- the camo scheme looks spot on to me.



  4. Thanks Pete. I'm just about to start on some RH Models British figures in berets, a Christmas present, so will try the same technique again, see if I can keep them consistent.

    Cheers, Andy