Sunday, 13 March 2016

20mm Argentine support weapons

A busy week this week.  I spent the week on business in Bahrain, which made a nice sunny change to the British winter, although on my return I find Spring appears to have sprung, can't be bad.  Anyway, I'm off to the WMMS show, but have managed to photograph the support weapons groups I've put together for my Argentine forces for the Falklands campaign.  Following some suggestions on the SOTCW forum, I looked at the Reiver Miniatures Korean War range and found most of what I was looking for in the US forces from that range.  These are painted up the same way as the infantry that I posted earlier (link ).

First up, a pair of 81mm medium mortar teams.

Next, a pair of 106mm recoilless rifle teams, these are Reiver artillery crew with 106mm recoilless rifles from Sgts Mess.

A pair of tripod mounted M60 machine gun teams.

Two 3.5" bazooka teams.

A pair of 2.36" bazooka teams - not  sure these will be of much use, but they were in the bazooka packs so I'm sure they will come in handy somewhere or other.

The senior command pack, three officers and a pair of Walkie Talkie RTOs.  I think the walkie talkie guys are pretty weak sculpts, they stand as if on parade and as their feet are close together they look like they will be weak at the ankles with the risk of snapping off.  However, the generals look the part.  Although the officer in the centre wears a greatcoat, it passes for the kind of quilted raincoat worn by General Mario Menendez in photos that I've seen on the internet.

So, with the possible exception of the earlier bazookas and the walkie talkie figures, these should work well with my Argentine infantry.  A side benefit is that these can also see service in my generic NATO cold-climate armies, such as Norway or Denmark.

So, now it's time to head off to Wolverhampton and add to the lead pile.  As ever, thanks for looking.

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