Saturday, 26 March 2016

More 20mm urban terror paramilitaries

The next set of recruits into the Winter of 79 campaign is a unit of militia in berets.  I've painted these up in a mixture of khaki, brown and grey jackets/parkas, blue jeans or brown trousers.  They all carry SLRs, Sterlings, Brens or GPMGs.  These are from RH Models (Liberation) and are very nice with really crisp detail.

A pair of leaders.

A rifle team, commanded by a Sterling armed NCO type, a pair of FNs and a Bren gunner.

Another rifle team as above, taking cover.

A third rifle team.

A fire support team of GPMG and assistant plus an NCO.

Another fire support team.

Of course these can be mixed and matched with the bareheaded troops (posted earlier) to add some AT support and make up larger units.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice painting- the blue berets tie them all together a single force but they still look a bit rag tag.



    1. Thanks Pete. In my Wof79 reality I was thinking the berets have been liberated during a weapons raid on an RAF base.

      Cheers, Andy