Wednesday, 2 March 2016

20mm UK Urban Terror paramilitaries

At last, some potential opposition for the Regulars in my "Winter of 79" themed campaign.  These are all RH Models from their UK Urban Meltdown range, representing irregulars/militia/paramilitaries in anoraks and civilian clothing.

First up leaders, the kneeling figure wears an RAF greatcoat and carries an SLR.  The unarmed chap wearing his football scarf stands next to a leader with Sterling SMG.

A pair of Charlie G gunners.

Snipers, the bane of uniformed troops on COIN operations.

NCO type figures, cell commanders, etc.

Guys carrying Sterling SMGs.

GPMG gunners.

Bren gunners.

Militia armed with SLRs.

I depicted most of these guys in faded denim jeans, painted flat blue and dry brushed ivory, as these would be the most common trousers/pants available (in 1979 I possessed 2 pairs of denim jeans and a pair of brown cords as an alternative to school uniform).  So funnily enough most of the rest wear brown cords, with one of the leaders in green cords.  They all wear parkas in a khaki green colour (I mixed golden olive with khaki), which closely resembles my favourite jacket from the late 70's complete with rabbit fur trim on the hood and a garish tartan lining.  The leaders wear dark green flak jackets and an RAF greatcoat, probably purchased from the local Army and Navy (in Plymouth the shop used to be called Goulds).

So, these can form a unit of Free Welsh, a Workers Militia, rustic militia, urban defence force or any other possibility, fighting as pro-Government or Revolutionary elements.  I guess they could also be used as hastily raised Home Guard types in a Britain-invaded scenario in the second half of the 20th Century (certainly 60's onwards), or even as a well organised criminal gang.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Great stuff, Andy, but you need more color! ;)

    You know, if you keep painting all these guys you're just gonna have to play a game at some point. I anxiously await the start of the war.


    1. Thanks Jack.

      Well, it wasn't Winter of 79 but I managed a game of Team Yankee last night and a FoW D day game a couple of weeks back (got some pictures to post of this one). Unfortunately, I'm travelling next week, so won't get a chance to game for a couple of weeks now, but plans are afoot.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Great painting- looking forward to seeing them in a game.



    1. Thanks Pete.

      Getting closer now, just need to put together a couple of card buildings to fight for and I'm good to get going.

      Cheers, Andy

  3. Nice! I may have just the job for them in Andreivia!

  4. Thanks Richard. I have some more in berets and helmets in the pipeline to give a more motley appearance.
    Cheers, Andy