Tuesday, 17 May 2016

20mm Cold War British Paras

These are some spare Falklands/Cold War British in berets that I received from RH Models, some left over after I finished my Royal Marines and some that were freebies from Rolf (thank you very much!) sent to my wife, who had ordered various bits of kit as a pressie for me (thank you too!).  I painted these the same way as my other Cold War Brits, but painted the berets a maroon colour by mixing a little bit of blue into flat red.

Kneeling/crouching radio operators.

Kneeling Carl Gustav launcher and assistant.

Troopers armed with Sterling SMGs.

Standing Carl Gustav team.

Various NCO/officer types.

A GPMG gunner and NCO type.

Not sure whether I'll do a full platoon in para berets or just mix these with guys in helmets to show they are a unit of paras.  Beret types would be more useful for Winter of 79 scenarios to show they aren't in full battle kit.

Anyway, thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work- I went with the mix a few in idea formy RMs and Paras.



  2. Thanks Pete. I've now got a company worth of troops in helmets, so mixing in some para or RM berets should give the right feel. I might still do some more paras in berets though, when the fancy takes me.

    Cheers, Andy