Sunday, 1 May 2016

20mm Ferret MkII armoured car

This is the 20mm Ferret MkII AC from RH Models.  I got it ready for Crisis Point although in the end it wasn't needed.  The hull is a resin casting and the wheels and turret are white metal castings.  I painted the vehicle in Vallejo reflective green, NATO black wheels, MG and straps, beige brow and gunmetal tools, sky blue vision ports.  Wheels and MG are dry brushed basalt grey and the whole model is washed in Army Painter strong tone ink diluted 3:1 with flow enhancer.  Weight marker is flat yellow, canvas rolls are English uniform and olive drab.

This was a joy to put together and easy to paint.  No air bubbles and very little excess resin to cut or file off.  I'll probably finish the turret with a pair of REE magnets to hold it in place.

So, it can provide a command run about for cold war gone hot scenarios or it can patrol the streets in the Winter of 79.

Thanks for looking.