Thursday, 16 June 2016

15mm Objective bases

When I play FoW at the local club, I'm forever having to borrow objective markers or use spare vehicles to mark objectives.  I'm too mean to buy the purpose built resin objectives and could never see the point  in paying for the Battlefront cards with "objective" printed on them.  I was looking over Ironclad Miniatures offerings at the WMMS show back in March and spotted a set of 3 resin supply dumps for the princely sum of £4.  The largest piece comprised oil drums at one end and crates at the other, so it was relatively straightforward to score between them and snap the piece into two, thus giving me 4 objective bases, two for me and two for my opponent if they don't have them.

These were dead easy to paint up as well.  The ammo crates are chocolate brown, heavily dry brushed beige brown and lightly dry brushed beige.  Oil drums were reflective green dry brushed 50:50 reflective green and grey green.  Tarps are khaki grey, dry brushed khaki.  Everything was washed in Army Painter strong tone diluted c. 4:1 with airbrush flow improver.  So, 4 objective bases for a total cost of £4 for the resin castings and c. 50p for the mdf bases.  Simple, but it does the job.

Thanks for looking.

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