Saturday, 18 June 2016

20mm WW2 Soviet Heavy Weapons

To provide some support to my WW2 Russian infantry, I added a pack of Plastic Soldier Company Heavy Weapons.  These are painted and based the same way as the infantry.

Anti-tank rifles on the move.

AT rifles in action.

82mm mortar teams in action.

50mm mortar teams in action.

Maxim MMG teams moving.

Maxim MMG teams in action.

A great value pack providing plenty of support options.  I've got another pack of infantry and AT guns to finish off enough for a company for Battlegroup Kursk and a brigade for Rapid Fire.  I'll need to add some specialist scouts and engineers for completeness.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Good stuff, Andy. I didn't know you were playing Battlegroup Kursk; what is your professional opinion? The rules have long intrigued me.


    1. Thanks Jack.

      I like them a lot. I've played a dozen or so games, BG Kursk, Overlord, Fall of the Reich and Blitzkrieg. I prefer them to Flames of War, and they are slowly getting a foothold at the club, so get a few opportunities to play. Like FoW they are 1:1 scale forces, but each figure is individually based. Fun to play and game play can be quite subtle as to how to use the variable action rolls. Also, you can put units on overwatch. I found the armour vs penetration calculations quite cumbersome at first, but have got used to it. Overall, I'd highly recommend them.

      Cheers, Andy