Friday, 10 June 2016

20mm WW1 Ottomans

Here we have a box of HAT Turkish (Ottoman) infantry, potential opponents for the ANZACs posted recently, but mainly as potential use in the fictional country of Andreivia in the immediate aftermath of WW1 and during the Russian Civil War.  These guys can represent Ottoman garrison troops in Andreivia before they were demobilised and repatriated.  Alternatively, they can represent a local militia that has equipped itself with left over Ottoman equipment.

In the pack, there are 48 figures.  Eight kneeling and 8 standing firing, 2 very similar poses of men standing as if thrusting their rifles forwards, although neither has bayonet fixed.  Then there are 4 officers, 4 running with rifle across chest, 4 marching with slung rifle and 4 walking with rifle held across the waist.

These all have grey undercoat washed green brown and dry brushed green ochre, then yellow ochre.  Leather items are saddle brown.  Boots are NATO black as are rifle barrels, dry brushed basalt grey.  Blanket rolls are neutral grey.

Kneeling firing.

Standing firing.

Advancing with rifle.

Similar pose, I'd have given these fixed bayonets!

Walking rifle across waist.

Running rifle across chest.

Marching, slung rifle, with backpack.

Officer waving pistol.

All 48 figures.

I've picked up a couple more sets; some Strelets Cossacks, HAT Canadians to use as Brits in tin hats and some tropical British infantry in pith helmets.  Should have enough to make up an Empire composite infantry company with platoons of ANZACs, Brits in tin hats and Brits in pith helmets, plus supports and some local militias derived from Ottoman Turks, Russian infantry and Cossacks.   I'm liking these figures a lot and compared with metal figures are buttons to buy!

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Cool Andy, and those figs look like they could be useful for quite a few different things.


    1. Thanks Jack. I'm quite enjoying painting up these plastic figures, takes me back to my teenage years.

      Cheers, Andy