Saturday, 7 January 2017

20mm Airfix French Foreign Legion

For a bit of fun, I dug out what is left of my old FFL figures from my old toys from the 70's.  I picked out a few of the figures and gave them a make over.  Looking at the photos, I realise I've not detailed the brims of their kepis in black and I need to add some collar and cuff markings in red, plus the NCO's stripes.  I've also just block painted them, but think I prefer to wash with Agrax Earthshade or similar, so will probably revisit these later.

I used Prussian blue for the coats, flat white for trousers and kepi covers, black for webbing/pouches/shoes and gaiters (the latter dry brushed basalt grey) and flat red for officer's and NCO's trousers.  Packs are black with Iraqi sand bedrolls.

I have a box of the early WW1 French by HAT and these also serve as a test of colours suitable for them as well.

Fixed the black brims on the kepis in the pics below.  Feeling happier now!

Despite the shortcomings of the original figures discussed on the Plastic Soldier Review website, I like these figures, if for nothing more than the happy memories of playing with them as a child.  I also have the Fort Sahara building, in a fairly sorry state, but think I will try and do it up as it looked fantastic.  It might even make it as an Ottoman fortress for use in Andreivia.

Thanks for looking.