Sunday, 22 January 2017

20mm HAT 37mm FT-17s

These are a pair of HAT WW1 37mm armed Renault FT-17 tanks.  There were two models in the pack, produced in a hard black plastic, which went together really smoothly.  The hull was supplied in two parts needing to be glued along a longitudinal seam.  Individual track assemblies were glued to the sides and the turret was in three parts, the turret, a barrel and the little raised cupola (or whatever it is) on top.  The turret fits snugly on a peg into a hole in the top of the hull, so can be fully rotated.

I painted these guys with a base coat of Middlestone.  For one vehicle, I stopped at a single colour finish.  For the other, I added spots of German Camo bright green and Mahogany with a little red, outlined in black grey.  Both vehicles were washed in Agrax Earthshade.  Tracks are oily steel, washed with Nuln Oil and dry brushed orange brown (used on the exhaust as well).  Both vehicles had a very light dry brush of Iraqi Sand to add a dustiness and pick out some of the raised edges and rivet details.

The plain coloured vehicle I named Mars and added a unit ID mark of a white circle with red playing card heart symbol.

The multi-coloured vehicle has a club symbol and the vehicle is named Marne.

Both vehicles from the front.

Rear views.

Nice little vehicles that look the part, ready to support my late WW1 French infantry and they will no doubt be available for intervention forces in the RCW and Andreivia.

Thanks for looking.


  1. These look great. I've seen this kit in the local wargames shop and while I've been tempted I've resisted, but now seeing how well you have made them, I'm inspired.

    1. Thanks SoY. They really were straightforward to put together. The plastic in the set I bought was hard, so the components fit well together and there was no flash to speak of. Nice little kits.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Really nice! Makes me want to revisit and improve my old Matchbox ones.

    1. Thanks Richard. They are available to swell the ranks of the armoured forces for Andreivia of course.

      Cheers Andy