Saturday, 1 March 2014

15mm Plastic Soldier Company PzIVs

I've had a busy week this week with lots of different things on the painting table.  Here is the other Plastic Soldier Company pack that I have, the Pz IVs.  I've assembled these as Pz IV ausf G for mid-war and painted them in the tri-colour camouflage pattern as I wanted to try out my new air brush.  The base is Vallejo middlestone with NATO brown and reflective green cammo colours.  I'm quite pleased with the result and the cammo effect is just what I was looking for,

All five, the platoon commanders vehicle front middle.
 From the back - I picked out the grills on the back of the hull with an Army Painter soft tone ink wash.
 The command on one of the regular tanks in more detail.
 A comparison of the PzIV on the left with the PzIII in desert colours, both Plastic Soldier Company.

I've got various models in this scale in metal by Peterpig and Skytrex, both companies making very nice castings.  However, these are so much lighter and more convenient to carry to the club.  I've also quite a few Battlefront vehicles, which are again nice but these are as detailed and even less weight.  Needless to say they are a fraction of the price of the metal and Battlefront castings, being comparably priced to the Zvezda vehicles, which I've yet to try.

Thanks for looking.

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