Sunday, 16 March 2014

Andreivian forces

I've finally wrapped up my forces for the upcoming gaming weekend in Dungworth this coming April.  Set in the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia, where local militias of Turkish and Armenian origins are about to struggle with each other for control of the capital city, Tcherbevan, with interference from "Russian" forces who want Andreivia to remain in their sphere of influence and NATO/UN "peacekeepers", who want Andreivia in theirs.  Sound familiar?  A case of life imitating art if ever there was one.

Anyway, representing the Andreivian Turkish forces, I have built up militia forces based on various manufacturers Taliban (Britannia and Underfire Miniatures) and Mujahideen (Mars plastics).  At the front is a four man HQ group, two man spotter team, two three man mortar teams and an SPG-9.  Behind them are four 6 man teams, all AK-47/74 armed, one with RPG-7 and one with a PK 7.62mm LMG.  To the left are the mobile forces in "technicals" (base models courtesy of Tesco's and repainted by me) with a DShK AA MG, and SPG-9 and one transport for 6 AK-47/74 armed militants.  These guys represent the Andreivian Liberation Army (ALA).
 The "technicals" in more detail.
 The militia - a colourful bunch.

Fighting alongside the ALA forces are a more urban force, mainly ex-Soviet cold war heroes who are unsatisfied with the current attempts by Andeivians of Armenian origin to take control of the country.  These guys are also armed with mainly ex-Russian equipment and they have also liberated some ex-Soviet hardware from armt reserve depots and even museums in order to get some armoured assets, which include a BMP-1, T34-85 and IS-3.  There's also a Challenger, if I can persuade anyone that they managed to steal one from a NATO base.

The urban militia from the Anti-Armenian/Revolutionary Army Coalition (AA/RAC) comprise a three man HQ (including a beautiful, ruthless female sniper/assassin) with attached two man SPG-9 team.  There are two teams of seven, all armed with AK47/74, each with one RPG-7, one LAW and one PK 7.62mm LMG.  There's also a motorised team in the BMP-1 comprising another seven man team like the others, with a two man AT-5 Kornet/Spriggan ATGM team.
The mechanised BMP-1 team.
The leg infantry and armoured support.
Should be enough forces to last me the weekend for Crisis Point 2014, especially if we recycle casualty figures.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice one Andy, I am starting to pull together all my stuff. Still got a load to do. Mainly terrain!


    Richard P