Friday, 7 March 2014

French bridging equipment 1985

Here is the French heavy bridging equipment available to support the armoured division.  First off on the left is an EFA amphibious ferry in travel mode (Scotia FM0046).  On the right is the Leguan bridge layer, again in travel mode.  Note the AMX-30 stand on a 40x20mm base in the middle for scale - the big boys are mounted on 80x20mm bases.
 Here are two of the massive PFM pontoon bridge sections mounted on their articulated flatbed trailers.  Each model comes with either a ramp (Scotia FM0052) or centre section (Scotia FM0051) deployed and in travel mode.  Again these are mounted on 80x20mm bases, with an AMX-30 for scale.
 Finally, here are two PFM ramp sections (with railings) and two centre sections deployed.  Each ramp and centre section pair is mounted on an 80x20mm base so the bridge is in two parts, so it is possible to differentiate between the bridge in travel mode (the lorries), partly assembled (one ramp and centre section) and assembled (both ramp and centre sections).  Again, the AMX-30 for scale.

So, these various bridging assets should allow the French to cross any river obstacle up to a scale of 120mm, provided the enemy don't interfere.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great looking models, they really are beasts.

  2. So the key to Warpac stopping the French advance is to make all the rivers 130mm wide :)
    Great work.
    Richard P