Monday, 3 March 2014

AMX-VCG conversion

While building my French armoured division c. 1985, it became apparent that I needed some engineering vehicles, primarily for mine clearing.  Based on responses on the TO&E site, it became apparent that in the mid 80's, mine clearance was still being done with an AMX-VCG, effectively an AMX-VCI with a dozer blade, jib and winch plus a trailer.

The look I'm aiming for, but in plain green drab rather than the later tri-colour scheme and with the jib folded back and dozer blade lowered..

As no one makes these in 6mm, I decided to try a conversion of my own.  I picked up two packs of AMX-VCI from Heroics and Ros, from the old Davco/Skytrex range they bought out last year.  I also picked up a pack of 10 dozer blades on e-bay from Keep Wargaming (some of their old Davco stock).  To this I added  a couple of packs of 1 tonne trailers from the neutral equipment range at Scotia.  To create the jib, I used some copper wire from Hobbycraft, bent into a suitable shape, with an offcut of plastic strip to act as the winch and jib support.  Once the jib and support were superglued into place, the dozer blade was attached to the bow of the AMX and this, with the trailer, was mounted on a suitable mdf base and painted.

Hey presto!


So, I converted 8 of these to provide me with two companies of armoured engineers for CWC.  Should do nicely for mine clearance duties.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great Work Andy. Can't wait to see your French forces in September.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard. Yes, looking forward to the big game. We'll have to try and get together so my rebs can teach your Yankees a lesson. I'm trying to get a game in at the club soon as Rick has painted up a some more units.