Tuesday, 26 February 2013

USMC 1985 Bv 206 transport

Well, they arrived in the post last week from Heroics and Ros so here they are, enough Bv 206 transport for two battalions of marine infantry.  Instead of mounting them on lolly sticks for painting, I based them straight on to the mdf bases, then painted them as usuall, with white acrylic gesso undercoat and Vallejo paints.  I textured the base, before mounting, with Vallejo desert basing material, then washed the base with Flat Earth once the vehicles were painted.  Scenic spring meadow flock was stuck down with PVA glue, as was the static grass.

All 30 transports, one batallion in MERDC and one in a three colour winter cammo scheme.

The MERDC scheme - I used Medium Cammo Olive Green for the base with Flat Earth and Iraqi Sand stripes plus Tamiya NATO black.


The other scheme I used, partly to differentiate the batalions and partly because I like the white cammo pattern, is based on a Medium Cammo Olive Green base with Tamiya NATO black and Vallejo white stripes.

All the models were washed with Army Painter dark tone ink, diluted c. 5:1 with acrylic paint flow enhancer and varnished with Wilkinsons matt acrylic varnish.

For a bit of "light relief", this evening I have been mostly painting F-18s (3), A-7s (3) and F-14s (2), which are now ready for decals.  On the kitchen table are three Sea Kings, a variety of artillery and a bunch of Soviet and Czech OPFOR for my USMC to practice against.  Still got an order on the way from Scotia with some odds and ends, including some Rigid Raiders for insertion of Marine Force Recon Special Forces (think Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge).  I've also been assembling some of the things I'm going to need for an oil rig in 1:300 to moor up in a Norwegian fjord.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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