Saturday, 23 February 2013

Valentine Scissors Bridge finished?

I managed to paint up the model today - a white base coat of acrylic artists gesso, washed with diluted Vallejo Russian Uniform, so some of the white undecoat shows through on raised areas, tracks Oily Steel, Black to help define the rollers.  Very dilute Army Painter dark ink wash.  Base is a Vallejo desert basing medium painted Flat Earth with spring meadow flock.

Side view.

 Rear view.

Opposite side view.
 Front view.

Whilst it is a far from precise model, for me it looks enough like the real thing at 6mm scale on the table top that I'm quite happy with it taking up it's position in my independent armoured brigades.  So, two more to do and that's my brigade complete.

However, as my Bv206 models arrived earlier this week, I'll be back to painting transport for my USMC Amphibious Brigade - Norway 1985.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I’d post a picture of my own Valentine scissors bridge conversion if I could work how to.

    1. Be good to see it. I still haven't done any more despite needing another couple to complete the brigade.

      Cheers, Andy