Saturday, 16 February 2013

USMC helos 1985

OK, the post says helos, but first, some extra fixed wing assets.  A pair of A-4 Skyhawks (Scotia CAUM09), painted in a scheme I found on google for the late 70's.


A trio of F-16 Falcons (Heroics and Ros USMA 412).

Then the helicopters.  First up, H&R USMA 405 Huey Cobra AH-1s, representing Sea Cobra attack helicopters in USMC service.  The model at the front has I-94 transfers, but the small decal size coupled with my sausage fingers meant that I finished up painting on the "marines" insignia by hand.


The UH-1 Slik light transport helicopters by H&R (USMA407).
For some reason "The Ride of the Valkyries" and Robert Duvall keep coming into my mind.

CH53 Sea Stallion heavy transport helicopters (H&R USMA506) ready for some heavy lifting.

CH-46 Sea Knights or Phrogs (H&R USMA414), general purpose helicopter transport.

 So, that's everything on my workbench for the USMC wrapped up.  I've got enough Bv206 models on order from H&R to transport two infantry battalions, plus some extra fixed wing assets in the form of A-7 Corsairs, F-18s and F-14 Tomcats for fighter cover.  I've also got some Sea Kings on order to transport my special forces and some artillery support.

Now it's on to a read through of Pike and Shotte ahead of my introductory game next month.  In the meanwhile, I'll get on with cleaning up the Czech "bring n buy" goodies and see what sort of TO&E I can put together.

Thanks for looking!

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