Sunday, 10 February 2013

USMC 1985 Norway

So, finally coming close to the end of my USMC project.  This week I've just about wrapped up the repair and maintenance stand - I just need to get hold of some net for overhead cover.  Also came up with a supply base, loosely designed around the pre-positioned equipment storage caves located in Norway.  Also finished off an early M1 Abrahms company, just in case those pre-production T90's I've heard so much about turn up.  There's also an HQ stand for the LVTPs - I've always wanted to paint the sharks teeth on one of these so this is it!  I've added some more heavy engineering in the shape of an M60 AVLB in carried and deployed modes.  Also finished the last of the infantry battalions, a recce/scout company and a marine force recon company of three elite infantry stands with recce ability (in CWC terms).

I've still got to decal up the rotary wing assets, 5 UH-1s, 2 CH-53s and 6 CH-46s and finish basing a TOW company in M151s.  I've got some 155mm howitzers on order from H&R as well as helo transport for the marine special forces.  Then it's on to the oil rig.  Oooh, almost forgot the shed load of BV206 on order as well.

As a diversion, played my first game of Black Powder at Deeside Defenders last Thursday - thanks to Rick and Dave.  We played an ACW action involving a couple of infantry brigades and a mixed infantry cavalry brigade per side.  A great game, really good fun!  Planning to extend my experience next month with a game of ECW Pike and Shotte - should be good fun too.  I also picked up a copy of Force on Force and the old War Gone Hot scenario booklet so will be digesting that in any spare moments over the next few weeks.

 The supply base - very loosely based on the pre-positioned storage facilities in Norway.  A Scotia M35 (UM0058), M809 generator (UM0077) and M35 open top (UM0057).

The field repair workshop - just needs the cammo nets.
 M1 Abrahms Co (Scotia UM0038) - in case those T90s turn up.
M1 in close up.

 LVTP-C - complete with shark face (Scotia UM0064).
 M60AVLB in travel mode (Scotia UM0050).
 AVLB spanning muddy creek or ditch.
 M60 launcher and bridge.
Detail of the launcher.


  1. They look very good Andy.



  2. Hi Andy, they are looking great. Fantastic force you've put together there.