Wednesday, 4 November 2015

15mm ANZACs for Vietnam

I've been given a huge load of part-painted 15mm ANZAC troops by Steve at the club.  Once painted, we're going to share them as I want a platoon or so for Force on Force games and he is looking to add to his already extensive ANZAC collection.  I thought I'd try out the scheme recommended by Battlefront using a Russian uniform base colour, highlighted with green grey.  I opted for khaki backpacks and webbing, US dark green for grenades, black, highlighted basalt grey, and beige brown for FN rifles and flat fleshtone for skin.  The whole lot was washed in Army Painter strong tone ink diluted 2:1 with water and varnished with matt clear varnish.

I had a pack of Peterpig Australians with FNs, plus some professional infantry with LAWs from their AK-47 range, wearing bush hats, so close enough to do service as Vietnam era ANZACs.

I like the look of these and think they will do fine for me to use in 15mm Vietnam games.  So, just a hundred or so to work through and the jobs done.

Thanks for looking.

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