Sunday, 29 November 2015

20mm ANZACs for Vietnam

Having worked on a shed-load of 15mm ANZACs from Battlefront and Peterpig, I decided to give my 20mm Platoon20 ANZAC figures the same treatment.  This is one of the command packs, painted the same way as the 15's; Russian uniform base, dry brushed grey-green.  Khaki packs and webbing, US dark green grenades, NATO black dry brushed basalt grey weapons and boots.  Washed with Army Painter strong tone ink.  The bases still need detailing with some scatter and static grass.  I'm now working on FN and M16 armed infantry to go with them, so more to follow.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. You'll need a Centurion or two to go with them, There are some cheap diecasts ones here

    1. Thanks Will, that's a great site and I will be looking through it for some bits and bobs in more detail later. I'm OK for Centurions though, as I picked up three Britannia Miniatures offerings from Paul a couple of weeks ago, along with an M577 and a couple of M113s.

      Cheers, Andy