Friday, 13 November 2015

20mm Cold War Royal Marines

Having worked on DPM schemes for the SAS, I also did some figures representing the Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare cadre.  These are painted the same way as the SAS, but I used uniform green for the berets - not sure it's exactly right, but I wanted it to stand out on the models and the brighter green seems to work for that.  All the figures wear light denim trousers.

First up, two packs Stonewall Figures Royal Marines from their Falklands range.  Nice figures with a useful Charlie G armed figure.  I struck lucky with one pack which was supplied with an extra figure.

And then the TQD castings offering from C P Models.  These are supplied with two options, helmets or berets and these are the beret versions.  They are supplied with separate heads, except the figure firing, who has a spare beret head supplied but has a cast head wearing a helmet - I kept him in his helmet.

These, and the SAS posted previously, should be useful for a variety of scenarios set throughout the 70's, 80's and into the 90's.

Thanks for looking.


  1. These are a nice set of figures...unusual to see marines being represented, well done with these.

    1. Thanks mate. I couldn't build up a British 70's and 80's force without them. As a boy, I used to watch them run past our house to the local swimming baths where they used to jump in the deep end in full kit, wade the length of the pool and climb out, then run back past our house to barracks. On a frosty morning the clouds of steam coming off them was a sight to behold. Tough guys!

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Yeah, can't go wrong with Marines, Andy ;)

    I really like those guys from Stonewall. I just finished some 20mm and have more Elhiem on the way. It seems like, ever since I st following your blog I've bought a whole lot of 15 and 20mm...


  3. Hi Jack,

    Unfortunately I seem to be trebling my collection, what with 6mm, 15's and 20's. I've even dabbled in 10mm. Where will it all end? Bankruptcy and the Poor House no doubt!

    On a more positive note, take a look at RJ Models (, I was shown some of their figures recently and they are superb. Unfortunately, they only do orders by e-mail/fax/post - no shopping basket and CC payments, no Paypal, which is a shame, but great figures.

    Cheers, Andy