Saturday, 21 November 2015

15mm Taliban Pack-Horse Teams

These are Fireforce 15 Miniatures, available in the U.K. from Old Glory.  A nice set with four pack horses, two each of two different loads (petrol drums, various boxes, etc.), with two handlers on foot and a mounted warlord.  This set will be really useful, either as colourful background scenics or as resupply markers.

Nice figures to paint, not too much flash and good raised detail.  They will find a place in my 15mm Force on Force games in the future.  I picked these up at the Derby show in October, along with some DHSK teams and Taliban on motorcycles and will be picking up some other packs shortly, along with some more Taliban figures and Vietcong from the Old Glory main range.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Cool, Andy! Hadn't really thought of something like this, but now that I see it I've got several scenario ideas popping into my head.


  2. Great work Andy, how do they compare with Peter Pig figures?
    Richard P