Saturday, 7 November 2015

20mm Cold War SAS

I've been trying to paint DPM uniforms over the last month or so.  I've gone with a base of Vallejo NATO green primer, with splodges of NATO dark earth, smaller swathes of Iraqi sand and tried to get thin streaks and swirls of NATO black.  Most are painted as all in DPM, but the Elhiem figures wear light denim trousers painted in German field grey highlighted in green grey.  Balaclavas and woollen hats in NATO black.

I picked up two packs of Stonewall Figures British SAS from their Falklands range at the Derby show in October.  On the smaller size of 20mm figures, but nicely detailed and they paint up well.

Next up, 1980's SAS, suitable for the Falklands, by TQD Castings, available from C P Models.  Nice looking figures, mostly in non-contact poses.  These are significantly taller and much thinner figures, especially compared with the Stonewall range, almost gazelle-like.

And then the Elhiem Cold War British SAS.  The figures here come from the three packs available, all in various forms of balaclava and armed with armalites, LAW 72's, shotguns, GPMGs, MP55D and M79.

I think they look the part.  Hopefully you do too.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Holy cow, those look great Andy, and Holy cow, that's a lot of SAS guys! Can't wait to see them in action, and I'd never heard of Stonewall Miniatures; I like'em.


    1. Thanks Jack. Yes, lots of them, I was inspired by the recent article in Wargames Illustrated, looking at the possible British raid on airbases on mainland Argentina during the Falklands War, trying to stop the Exocet attacks on our fleet. The Elhiem figures were intended for the Force on Force scenario in Cold War Gone Hot, where a small team are tasked with knocking out/disrupting communications for a Soviet MR or Tank Division. I like the look of the scenario and want to give it a shot. I'm also going to order some Falklands-era figures from RH Models to complete the special forces collection. I also want to use various Cold War Brits in a "Winter of 79" type campaign - if you aren't familiar it's a sort of modern take on AVBCW set in he aftermath of PM Thatchers election in 79 (about the time I came of age, so to speak).

      Cheers, Andy