Tuesday, 10 November 2015

15mm buildings

Getting ready for the big Market Garden club game at the weekend.  I picked up these buildings from Ironclad Miniatures at the Derby Show back in October.  They are really nice buildings, for Normandy according to their web site.  Each of the two storey buildings comes in 3 parts, two hollow layers for the ground and upper floors and a roof section.  I washed these in warm detergent to remove release agent and then undercoated them with grey primer.  They are painted in various shades of buff, beige or sand, with basalt grey for slate roofs.  Brickwork is ivory, dry brushed cavalry brown.  Wooden beams are chocolate brown. 

The three buildings.  The shop front is a separate plate that is glued to the front of the building.

The ruined factory.  The kit comes in three parts, the main building, courtyard and a loft floor.

Side view of the factory.

The three buildings with back garden fences - these are again from Ironclad.

One of the buildings in more detail.

The other two.

The shop front.

These are nice buildings and represent good value for money.  They are easy to paint and should be very useful on the tabletop.  I shall be keeping an eye on the website for any future releases and will pick up some more.  Their range of African shanty buildings looks really useful as well.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Nice work Andy, Ironclad make some nice stuff. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos of the game.
    Richard P