Monday, 29 January 2018

20mm post-Christmas additions

I've had a lot on at work recently, so not too much time for painting.  However, this weekend the painting muse was upon me and I worked on these models.

First up, a pair of Britannia Miniatures Schwimwagens from Andy Grubb that I picked up at Recon in December.  Nice little models, but a bit of work, especially filler, to get them presentable.  The crew are turned out in camo smocks, so will compare with the recce platoon that I've been working on.

Next up is a carrier section for the 8th Army, again from Britannia/Andy Grubb.  These are excellent little models, but again the resin casting isn't great and details like the packing cases, rifle, and tarps strewn about the interiors are poorly defined.  However, they seem to have painted up well and I can use them on the tabletop.

Unfortunately, they don't come with anything to poke out the front, so I will have to add a Boys and a pair of Brens, plus add a 2" mortar to the load out for one of the Brens to make up the section as it was armed.

Finally, this is the Zvezda 40mm Bofors AA gun with early war British crew.  I've painted them up for the desert to provide some AA protection for the 8th Army in Battlegroup Tobruk.

Nice model, the gun elevates, but doesn't rotate as it's held in place with two pegs rather than a single central peg.  The sights are tricky to fit and quite delicate, but the model overall looks fine.

Not sure what will be next.  I have a troop of WW1 Russian Hussars and some 8th Army artillery and an ambulance on the painting table.

Thanks for looking.