Saturday, 4 January 2020

15mm Early War Germans

Over the last couple of years, I've been gradually picking up the makings of an early war German force in 15mm, mainly PSC for the infantry and some vehicles, as well as Zvezda for a quite a few of the vehicles.  The vehicles are all painted the same way, in Vallejo grey violet, with a panzer blue filter applied.  Decals are all I94 from Pendraken/Minibits purchased at shows.

First up, two troops of Pz IIs from Zvezda.

One of the Pz II troop commander vehicles.

Next, a troop of Pz IIIEs with 37mm guns, suitable for Poland and France.

A troop of PzIIIFs with 50mm gun but no improved armor.

A troop of Pz IIIGs with 50mm guns and extra mantlet armor.

A troop of Pz IVDs

A pair of Pz IVF1s.

A troop of Pz IVF2s

Overall command Panzer III in Pz IIIF.

Recce troop of Sdkfz 222s.

Sdkfz 232 heavy recce vehicle.

Sdkfz 231 recce vehicle.

A pair of Sdkfz 250/1 with an Sdkfz 250/10 recce platoon leader's vehicle.

Marder II SPAT.

Kubelwagen with 2 man artillery spotter team.

Marder III with ex-Soviet 7.62cm AT gun.

Battery of three Stug IIIE.

Two troops of three Pz38t - a mix of PSC and Zvezda.

Troop commander's Pz38t

Troop commander for the second Pz38t troop.

Rommel himself, this the Battlefront/Flames of War version.

A 3D print version of the Befehlspanzer I.

A 3D print version of the 150mm Sig33 infantry gun mounted on a Panzer I, crew spares from various Marder variants.

A pair of Battlefront Tiger Is.

An infantry zug from the PSC Early War German infantry box, which gives enough figures for three zugs and a company command section.  Here formed as three 10 man squads (including a three man MG34 team) and a six man command squad.

The command figures.

An infantry squad.

Another squad.

Two man 50mm mortar team.

Three man 8cm mortar team.

Two man AT rifle team.

Three man tripod mounted MG34 team in the sustained fire role.

PAK36 with three crew.

75mm infantry gun with three crew.


I still have two infantry platoons to work up and will eventually motorize a platoon in Opel Blitz trucks and Gepanzert another in Sdkfz 251s, as well as adding some softskin tows and possibly an 88mm gun or two.  These should work well for BG Blitzkrieg and Barbarossa scenarios (and Stalingrad), but I also plan to mix in some later vehicles and weapons from my DAK or late war collections for BG Kursk era scenarios.

As ever, thanks for looking.