Saturday, 22 October 2022

2022 Grimsby Cold War Commanders Game

 The weekend of the 7th to 10th October saw those Cold War Commanders who could make it assembling at the Grimsby Wargames Society venue for a mega game of CWC 1.5 (not quite CWC 1 and not quite CWC 2).  It was an opportunity to get my French armor on the table, with a French armored division (really only a reinforced brigade) shared between two players, each getting an armored battalion and a mechanised battalion, with each also getting a uniquely French armoured car battalion mounting the same gun as their bigger tracked AMX-30 chums.  There was also a VAB motorised infantry battalion and another armored car battalion in reserve.

On my left was my French commander, to my right was a light infantry battlegroup of US paratroopers, with some specially airlifted Sheridans in support, betong them a unit of British armor/mechanized infantry and beyond them on the far right a US battlegroup with M1s.  The French were deployed behind a substantial river, with flooded banks.  On the first day of the Warsaw Pact offensive, an East German Motor Rifle batt attempted to fan out on the French side of the river and roll up the defences, but some good initial moves meant the French were able to push into some key wooded areas ahead of the East Germans, who could then make little headway into the ring of French armor, despite using pre-planned smoke as a screen. 

French mechanized infantry on my left flank in contact with French armor to their left - a solid defence against river crossing.

French armor holding trees on the flank of the little town thinly held by the US paratroopers.

East Germans trying to close with the French.

Waves of French coming up in support.

East Germans advance beyond the smoke and are punished by withering French fire.

On the French right, armor and US ATGMs deal with another East German thrust.

River crossing still covered.

Overnight, the French on my left push amphibious mechanized infantry across the river and construct bridging points to allow the heavier armor across. 

The bridging column arrives.

Next morning, the Soviets push infantry and armor forwards to try to pinch out the crossings.

To my front, the French mechanized infantry consolidate their hold on the woods.

On my right, the US infantry look in danger, with a concerted WP effort to push through the boundary between them and the British.  To support, my armored cars moved into the town to form a secure firebase, while the French armor in the woods attempted to shift laterally to the right.  First turn orders weren't too helpful.

Eventually they got moving, just in time as the first Soviet tank brigade (in the far distance) was beginning to see the danger and swing to their right towards the new French menace.

Sheridans slow to get moving as well.

French pushing forwards.

In the excitement of the last couple of turns, I forgot pictures.  The French armour on the right were unable to take up better firing positions in the woods, but were able to put multiple activations of fire into the lead Soviet tank battalion, effectively destroying in.  The second battalion was more canny and from hull down positions on the ridge took out most of the French armor with some long range help from the East Germans.  However, the danger had past and the British and US were able to contain the Soviet push.  But for how long?  Lots of fun, a great weekend with good company, good food and drink and lots of laughs.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 15 October 2022

Saga Age of Invasions

 Played a game of Saga Age of Invasions at the club last month.  6pts of my Late Romans vs 6pts of Dennis' Huns.

The plucky Romans deployed in line with infantry in the centre and cavalry to the flanks, in this case Gothic elite cavalry (3 x hearthguard units), pedyts (2 x warrior units) and sagitarii (1 x warrior unit).  The aim was to try to restrict the Huns movement by hemming them in with the Roman line.

The Gothic elite cavalry on the left flank all geared up to charge.

The Roman infantry and Goth cavalry on the right flank ready to try to push the Huns into the corner.

Alas, it was not to be.  With Dennis getting first activation, his light cavalry swarms dealt a death blow to one of the Gothic cavalry units on the left flank, from which the whole force never recovered.  The Huns swept around the Roman left, despatching unit after unit, with little harm to themselves, although one unit of horse archers was reduced to three figures.

All in all, a disaster for Roman arms against the much more mobile Huns.  I foresee a need for the Romans to secure light cavalry of their own, plus consider using levy light cavalry to provide increased force size to help with the hemming in.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Late Roman heavy cavalry

 Several years ago, I bought a bag of Late Roman cavalry from a friend at the club.  Finally, the armored versions made it on to the painting table.  Troopers and horses appear to be Gripping Beast metals (thanks for feedback in the comments), but I cant find a source for the chap in cloak that I'm using as the signifer.  Spears are from various Gripping Beast plastics, as too is the labarum.

The complete unit.

The signifer with hand painted labarum showing the chiro symbol.  It has never occurred to me before that churches carry religious icons based on third century Roman military rallying signs.

Some of the troopers - a tough looking bunch, hopefully.

So, plans are afoot for more cavalry (the unarmored figures I bought alongside these), infantry (at least two more Gripping Beast boxes), limitani/foederati using GB dark age warriors and a box of the GB cataphracts.  I also have a crazy idea to use the Victrix war elephants with a suitable Late Roman crew.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 3 October 2022

28mm Late Romans

I meant to post these pictures at the end of September, but real life got in the way.

Saga and Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) seem to have emerged as a focus of interest at the club, with several members building up Dark Ages forces.  I already had the basics of a 4pt Saga Late Roman force, so have beefed it up with some additional forces to a 6+ Saga force, which will provide the core of a WAB force in due course.

Some elite Gothic cavalry (heavy shock cavalry or cataphracts depending on how I'm feeling).  Gripping Beast plastics provide 12 figures, so 3x4 Hearthguard or 1x8 Warrior and 1x4 Hearthguard.

All 12 figures.

A bit more detail.

A pack of 12 light cavalry, armed with assorted bows and javelins.  I could use these as 1x12 Levy or an 8x12 Warrior unit with some spares.

More detail on a couple of the figures.

A unit of armored pedites, 1x8 Warriors or 2x4 Hearthguard.

A unit of unarmored pedites, 1x8 Warriors.

A unit of sagittarii, 1x8 Warriors.

Another unit of sagittarii, 1x8 Warriors.

A unit or unarmored pedites, 1x8 Warriors, in vermillion tunics.

A foot command group of general (Warlord) with a signifer/draconarius and cornicen. 

The signifer/draconarius and cornicen.

The general.

Next steps are to finish painting up two units of heavy shock cavalry and I have a second box of the Gripping Beast plastics infantry to double the size of the infantry units - although I will need another box as each unit is likely to need at least 24 figures for WAB, possibly more.  I also plan to make up some Limitani using the Dark Age Warriors plastics set and will add a box of Cataphractoi at an upcoming show.  Might even try to convert the Victrix African war elephants for use by a Late Roman army.  Oh, and some bolt throwers will come in handy.

Thanks for looking.