Friday, 30 November 2018

20mm WW2 German Gepanzert platoon

A quick post as I've just realised I've posted nothing for a month.  I finished these a couple of weeks back and they have already been pressed into service for my Gepanzert DAK infantry platoon in the BG Torch campaign Will and I are playing in.  Against dug in US and French infantry backed up by 75mm and 105mm artillery batteries, they were spectacularly unsuccessful.

All are Armorfast kits (purchased as a set from EWM) with 2 vehicles crewed by Britannia SS infantry and 2 from EWM.  Stowage is a mix of EWM and Sgts Mess.

Vehicles crewed by Britannia SS figures.

EWM crews.  Not my favourites, but they do the job.

I've got quite a bit of 20mm WW2 kit to post pictures of - actually making and painting them faster than I can post.  Then, I've also taken another foray into 28mm - more on that shortly.

As ever, thanks for looking.