Sunday 26 February 2017

20mm White Russian infantry

These are Strelets WW1 Russian infantry in summer dress, painted as standard Imperial infantry suitable for 1917 onwards.  The high proportion of Adrian helmets in the Strelets set suggests grenadiers or assault infantry, but I assume they become more the norm in better equipped units as the civil war progressed.

The whole unit.

The officer, perhaps a little out of date waving his sword, but it helps pick him out on the tabletop.

Next up, similar figures painted up as Kornilovsky.  Those figures in caps have a black band with red cap piped in white, to add a bit of colour.  All wear black trousers coupled with the normal uniform tunic.

Finally, these are HAT figures, so all wear caps, painted up as a "coloured unit", the Drozdovsky.  I think these are also known as the "Chaffinches" colloquially.  These have white cap bands and red caps, off white tunics and blue trousers.

I have some more units in preparation, more on them later.  These are also available for Andreivia.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Sunday 19 February 2017

20mm WW1 French infantry

These are old Airfix figures that have survived me playing with them as a kid and 40 years in a shoe box.  I think they've turned out alright given their veteran status.

I've painted them field blue with blue grey puttees and water bottle, saddle brown for webbing and boots and camo beige for various bags and sacks.  The colours are blended and shaded with Agrax Earthshade.

Cyclist figure.

Grenadier and riflemen.  The running figure seems to sum up the nightmare of trying to run in full kit and greatcoat through a sea of mud.  One of my favourite childhood figures.

Walking wounded and riflemen.

Rifleman and figure digging in with entrenching tool.

Spotter team with telescope.

Sniper team.

Now to add some LMG teams and a HMG for some support.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

20mm Adventurers

Here are some more characters for late 19th/early 20th century games.  These are old figures from my childhood stash, from the Airfix High Chaparral set, supplemented by an Elhiem archaeologist.

The Elhiem archaeologist/adventurer figure, "Ozark Smith" perhaps.

Uncle Buck.

John Canon and Victoria.


Hired hands.

These guys are from Elhiems Pulp range, three armed sailors straight off the pages of Tin Tin, Sexton Blake or similar.  I thought these might make a great additional piece of flavour to my naval landing party figures.  Unfortunately, Bob the cabin boy seems to be armed with a Tommy gun, which is just a bit too early (1920/1) for our Andreivia game set in 1918.  Maybe it's an experimental weapon issued on field trials.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday 12 February 2017

20mm Colonial Indian Infantry

These are HAT Colonial era Indian troops, ideal for TMWWBK or similar colonial rulesets.  However, with a bit of poetic licence, I intend to use them as WW1 Indian troops, so I have augmented them with some Lewis Gun teams from Tumbling Dice Miniatures.  My back story is that these are Indian Army infantry, based in India, that haven't been upgraded with more modern kit, but have been pressed into overseas service after the debacle at Kut al Amara.  The TDM figures are true 20mm (1/76) scale so are slightly more youthful in appearance than the HAT figures, so they go together reasonably well.

A full platoon of four ten man sections, two with Lewis gun teams, and a platoon HQ of officer, batman and two runners.

The Platoon HQ.  Batman, officer and two runners.

One of the Lewis gun sections.  You can see the slightly smaller statureof the Lewis gun team compared with the riflemen.

These guys were painted khaki grey and heavily dry brushed Iraqi sand.  Saddle brown for shoes, webbing, belts and pouches.

Lewis gun section with prone Lewis gun team.

General riflemen poses.

These guys are going to be used, minus the Lewis guns, for colonial era battles, but they will also add some additional Empire flavour to my WW1 Middle Eastern armies.  They will also be available to join Woosterforce in Andreivia.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday 4 February 2017

20mm WW1 German Field Service Wagon

Here is a German WW1 Field Service Wagon from the HAT set.  Three models are included in the set, but I've only assembled one for now.  This was a nice little kit to assemble.  A little bit fiddly, due to the soft plastic used in manufacture, but quite robust once assembled and based.

I painted the wagon green grey, oily steel for wheel rims and khaki grey for the canvas cover.  The horses are mahogany, with saddle brown traces and blue grey blankets.  All washed in Agrax Earthshade and coated in Vallejo polyurethane varnish.  The final coat of varnish really does stiffen the model nicely - it's still flexible but reverts back into shape.

The two crew in more detail.

A nice model, suitable for use as an objective or resupply marker.  This will also be available for Andreivia.

Thanks for looking.