Tuesday, 31 May 2022

More 15mm WW2 vehicles 3D printed

 Another batch of 3D prints from M Bergman stls, some modified by Peter Fitz (IIRC).

Kettenkrads with just the driver.

Kettenkrads with driver and passenger.

A whole gaggle of Kettenkrads ready to tow light AT and infantry guns.

A pair of Renault UE Chenillette vehicles in German service as tows for AT guns and artillery. 

A Daimler Dingo, captured in the aftermath of Dunkirk, pressed into German service.

A Kubelwagen with the regulation driver plus three passengers, plus an extra Jabo lookout, carrying an MG34, riding on the rear parcel shelf.

An Sdkfz 250/8 variant armed with a 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 gun.  Crew are spare bods from various PSC kits.

PAK 40 auf Raupenschlepper Ost.  Just the hull and tracks are 3D printed, the gun and crew are spares from a PSC kit.

I have some US late war tank destroyers and M4A3E8s and British Comets in the pipeline, all for Fall of the Reich games/scenarios, plus some odds and ends for the British in the desert; Bishops, Dingos and M3 Stuarts.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

More 15mm WW2 3D prints

 Some more 3D prints based on Bergman and Tigerace1945 stl files.  All need decals to finish them off.

Cromwell platoon with Challenger.  I already have a Battlefront Cromwell platoon with Sherman Firefly, so will at some point do another Challenger and a Firefly to make both platoons suitable for Normandy and Germany and the Low Countries.

The Challenger (two views).

One of the Cromwells (again two views).

A pair of Archer SPATs with Skytrex tank crew figures.

The business end of the Archers.

A Stug 33b SPG  (two views).

A zug of beute S-35 tanks (with Becker added commander cupolas).

A zug of beute Renault FT-17s.  Maybe useful for anti-paratrooper duties but way past their best in 1944.  Still armoured support is still armoured support.

Lots more 3D prints to work on.  Sadly, the printer prints far faster than I can paint, so I'm giving it a little rest at the moment - it has been somewhat hammered the last few months.

As ever, thanks for looking.