Wednesday, 29 April 2020

20mm Early WW2 German MG08 team (lockdown 5)

Another success from the lockdown has been this item from the lead pile, an Under Fire Miniatures early war German MG08 team, three gunners and a three man loader team.

The MG08 - I figure this will be good for an early war HMG team or for a Volksturm HMG team in 1945 - as infantry in greatcoats were pretty much timeless during WW2.  I've based these behind a low bush and added some pink spring flower clumps for a bit of colour.

Three man loader team, all carrying additional ammunition for the MG08.

Nice figures, quite easy to paint with good raised detail.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

20mm WW2 US paratroopers (lockdown 4)

Although this is the fourth of my posts during lockdown, this is the unit I've been working on since we first closed down.  These are mostly Italieri/Esci US paratroopers with some Airfix and Revel figures, as well as some specialists from Grubby/Britannia.  According to PSR, these figures wear the M1942 uniform, which is a sandy colour.  Following recommendations on the web, I've gone with Vallejo green ochre, washed in Agrax Earthshade.  Webbing is Vallejo German camo beige and khaki, boots are saddle brown.  Knee patches are US dark green.  First platoon is illustrated below.

Three man FHQ.

Two man bazooka team.  Guy with bazooka is from the Italeri AT weapons pack.

Britannia Miniatures bazooka team.

Two man artillery spotter team, radio operator is Airfix.

A pair of .30 cal MMGs, meant to be the M1919.

2" mortar team from the Italeri AT weapons set.

Second platoon.  Not enough Italeri figures for 2 platoons, this platoon has more Airfix figures mixed in.

Command squad, all Airfix.

Mainly Italeri paratroopers with an odd Revel figure.

More paratroopers.

A pair of .30 cal MMGs from the Italeri AT set.

Engineering squad, Airfix figures with a Britannia flamethrower (front right).

Some more substantial AT capability from a Britannia 57mm AT gun and crew.

Another 57mm AT gun from Britannia, but this time the crew wear the M1943 uniform, making them suitable for Arnhem/Market Garden.

Mainly Airfix figures painted up as third platoon in M1943 uniforms.  These have a Vallejo Russian Uniform/green ochre mix for the main uniform colour, with webbing in green grey.  Britannia bazooka teams at either end of the front row.

Britannia bazooka team.

Britannia artillery observer team.

Airfix paratroopers in M1943 uniform colours (PSR suggests these figures are wearing the M1942, but here they wear the M1943).

More Airfix paratroopers.

That's cleared a lot off my painting table.  Even more can be cleared away when I finish the next platoon, which should bring my British paratroopers up to Co strength.  Then, for some variety, I have some various odds and ends, plus a troop of Britannia Special Boat Squadron troopers for the mid-war Mediterranean theatre.  After that, maybe some regular British and/or US infantry for WW2.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

20mm WW2 German armed police (lockdown 3)

Just a few figure to add to the Volksturm, a set of five armed German police from Underfire Miniatures.  These presumably represent Orpos (Ordnungspolizei) in their uniform resembling WW1 Jaegers.  These are nicely detailed figures and quite simple to paint.  I went with a 50:50 mix of Vallejo German uniform and ww2 German field grey.  I figure I can use these to represent police in a skirmish game, maybe hunting Allied aircrew, or spread them through the Volksturm platoon as part of the last levy.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

20mm WW2 Waffen SS for Kursk (lockdown 2)

So, next unit completed during the lockdown is this Waffen SS infantry/panzergrenadier platoon, based on the Pegasus set.  I've painted them in Plane Tree camo blouses over field/mouse grey uniforms.

6 man command squad.  CO on the radio.  I particularly like the running figure with MP40 at the back, next to the Revell figure with rifle at the ready.

1st squad, MG34 team (includes 2 Revell figures) on left, rifle squad on the right.

2nd squad, rifle team on the left and MG 34 team on the right.

3rd squad, as 2nd squad.

Sniper, cunningly disguised as a corn stook.

Lots more to photograph and even more coming out of the stash and making their way to the painting table.  Stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

20mm WW2 British (lockdown 1)

With all the time on my hands during the lockdown (my lad is now 2 weeks in to the school closures) the armies are progressing nicely from stash to table-ready.

First up is a selection of WW2 British equipment added to the stash but never completed, until now.

An EWM 17pdr with Britannia crew.  Should give the big cats something to think about, if they can avoid the attention of mortars.

Next, a BnB purchase at WMMS this year, PSC 6pdr guns and crew.  Three crewmen to each gun and 6 spare crewmen for loader teams or additional crew.

The 6pdrs with their Loyd carrier tows.

The Loyd carriers.

The optional canvas tilts don't need glueing in place, so there's a bit of variety.

Assorted medics, the two standing figure groups are from the Italeri/Esci set, while the kneeling figure is Britannia or Kelly's Heroes from Grubby.

A Ready2roll Humber Light Recce Car, bought at Vapnartak 2019 - this one was painted last year, but stalled at the gloss varnish stage.  I've decalled this up and finished the matt coat.

A Ready2roll Humber Scout Car, modified with the addition of an AB RAF liaison officer.  This one I painted after Christmas, up to gloss stage, so I've added the decals and matt finish.

Finally for now, an SHQ forward HQ of three men, officer, radio operator and NCO, with their jeep transport (I posted pictures of the jeep last year).

 I still have the rest of the Italeri infantry on the painting table - about 50% done, alongside a pair of PSC 25lbrs with crew.  I also have a pair of Cromwells to assemble and paint (WMMS BnB booty), to complete a troop from the Armoured Recce Regt.  More new troops in the pipeline!

Thanks for looking and keep safe!