Sunday, 29 June 2014

7e (Fr) Armoured Division

I wanted to check that I had completed the project and an excuse to get all the models out to see how they look en mass so to speak.  I also took the opportunity to colour the back of the bases so I can tell which unit a particular stand comes from and to mark up transport stands carrying specialist loads like Milan teams, Stingers, 120mm mortar tows, etc.

The complete division covers over half a standard sized dining table.  On the left at top is the 35e Regt d'Infanterie (mechanised), then moving down the 3e Regt de Cuirassiers, 5e Regt de Dragons and at the bottom the 170e Regt d'Infanterie (mechanised).  On the right is the 30e Group de Chasseurs (motorised).  In the middle of the table is, from the top, the 19e Regt du Genie and attachments from the 6e (Fr) Light Armoured Division, the 1e Regt Etranger, the 1e Spahis and the 1e Regt Hussars Parachutistes.  There's also various heavy bridging equipment and vehicle ferries, divisional A/A assets, the 1e and 60e Regt d'Artillerie, a medical aide station, mechanics field workshop and supply depot.  Finally, all the air assets are also out, 6 Pumas, 4 Gazelles, 3 Allouettes, 3 Mirage IIIs, 3 Mirage F1s and 3 Jaguars.

Viewed from above

Viewed from the front

A slightly different perspective.

Viewed from the side.

The great thing is on checking I found I was two HQ stands short for the 1e Spahis and 1e Hussars and of course I still need to get hold of some ERC-90s to complete 1e Hussars, but everything else is complete and now on colour coded bases.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

WW1 aircraft

Here are a couple of shots of the first of a batch of WW1 aircraft I'm tinkering with.  On the left a Fokker Dr1 triplane (H&RGWA303) and on the right a Sopwith Camel (H&RGWA101).  The triplane is painted flat red with hand painted iron crosses,  The Camel is in khaki grey with hand painted roundels.  Both have been washed with army painter dark ink.

At last a chance to relive the stories that thrilled me as a boy, Capt W.E. Johns "Biggles" books, especially "Pioneer Air Fighter", "266" and "The Camels are coming", as well as Nordoff and Hall's "Falcons of France" and of course "Aces High".

I thought these were going to be really tricky to put together, but in the end they turned out to be surprisingly easy and look really good considering the scale.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

French light armour

I've been adding some light armour to my 1980's French battlegroup.  These will do as assets from 6th Light Division allocated to the heavy armoured division with AMX-30s I've already put together.  They will also be useful for the light armour assigned to the Daguet Brigade for the Gulf War in 1991.

1st Foreign Legion light armoured battalion in AMX-10RCs (H&RFM08).

1st Spahis light armoured battalion, also in AMX-10RCs.

The 1st Regiment Hussar Parachutiste.  These should be in ERC-90s (Sagaies).  I had two (rear left) in my spares box, as well as a couple of AMX-10RCs (rear right).  I ordered 8 from Scotia to make up the numbers but was told the mould is temporarily unavailable and they sent me 6 armoured cars (front row) as replacements which were incorrectly labelled.  I think they are VBC-90s (Scotia FM00015), but I'm not sure.  Either way, I found CinC do Sagaies, so ordered three packs from Wargames Emporium, but have just been told they are on reorder from CinC in the States.  Curses, foiled again.  Hopefully CinC will resupply before September, but if not these will have to do!

An ERC-90 Sagaie on the left and a possible VBC-90 on the right.  Close enough but I'd prefer to get the right vehicles if I can.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Soviet helicopters

A pair of Mil-8 Hips (H&RSMA508), painted in khaki grey with Russian green cammo spots.  Nice little models but a real pig to put together the sponsons with the weapons pods.

Same pair, slightly different view.

A pair of Mil-24 Hind Es (I think; H&RSMA505), the "flying tank" painted in the same scheme as the Hips, my attempt at the Crocodile camouflage pattern.  These should prove unpleasant if they get through NATO air defences.

Thanks for looking.

Turkish Field Hospital

A field hospital for my 1980's Turkish army.  These are some more of the excellent 20ft containers available from The Baggage Train, together with some Scotia Hummer ambulances (UM0024) and an M151 jeep (H&RUSM39).  Roadway is sand undercoated pale grey and washed in dark ink.  Vehicles are marked with the Red Crescent rather than the Red Cross.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Turkish 4th armoured brigade

The armoured fist for Turkish 4th Corps is the 4th Armoured Brigade.

The 1st/4th equipped with M60A3 MBTs (H&R USM05) with one dozer equipped MBT from Scotia.  These are painted in the NATO three colour scheme with added Iraqi sand patches.

A more detailed view.

2nd/4th equipped the same as 1/4th.  Similar NATO scheme but no sand patches.

In more detail.
 3rd/4th is a mechanised battalion in AICVs, actually Dutch YPR-765 models (H&R NEM02).  Each of the first three rows represents A-C companies, each with three infantry platoons in AICVs and one Milan ATGW in an M113.  At the rear is D (support) company with three M125A1s (81mm mortar carrier M113s; H&R USM54) and one M113 tow for a 120mm mortar.

An A company M113 Milan carrier with two AICV vehicles in more detail.

D company M125A1s and an M113 120mm mortar tow in more detail.

4th/4th organised the same as 3rd/4th.  Whereas 3rd/4th is in a standard NATO three colour scheme, 4th/4th has patches of Iraqi sand added.

A company vehicles in more detail.

D company mortar carriers and 120mm mortar tow.

Battalion supports include a company of engineers in M113s, with an M60 AVLB (H&R USM37).

The AVLB in more detail.

An ATGM company of AICVs with TOW 2 launchers (actually YPR-765 TOWs; H&R NEM03).

One of the platoon stands in more detail.

An AA company - these are Hummer Stinger carriers for transporting Redeye AA systems.  The models are regular hummers (H&R USM42) with squares of cardboard added to the roof to represent the firing hatch.

One of the hummers in more detail.

Apart from the leg infantry and some HQ and mortar stands, that's the 4th and 20th (see previous posts) Brigades just about wrapped up.  To complete the Corps, I'll need to work up the 9th Motorised Infantry Brigade.  These need a lot of lorry transports.  Unfortunately, I've run out of 40x20 bases, so will have to wait until I can restock at the Phalanx show.  Fortunately, I've got some light armoured battalions for my French Daguet Division which are based and ready for undercoating, so will have plenty to be getting on with.

As ever, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

More Soviet air defences

I've had these models unpainted in my lead pile for at least 10 years.  They were originally going to provide some air cover for Iraqi forces during the 1st Gulf War for Modern Spearhead.  That project never got completed, so these lay forgotten at the back of the cupboard.  Not anymore.  Here we have four Gaz 66 light trucks (H&R SM51) and four deployed ZPU23 AA guns (H&R SM48).

This view shows a Gaz66 and ZPU23 stand in more detail.  These are painted in a basic Vallejo airbrush pale grey undercoat, lightly washed with Russian Green.  Canvas tilt and uniforms are Khaki Grey and windows and lights are picked out in Bluegrey with Flat White highlights.  The whole lot was washed in dilute Army Painter dark tone ink.

As ever, thanks for looking.