Wednesday, 18 June 2014

French light armour

I've been adding some light armour to my 1980's French battlegroup.  These will do as assets from 6th Light Division allocated to the heavy armoured division with AMX-30s I've already put together.  They will also be useful for the light armour assigned to the Daguet Brigade for the Gulf War in 1991.

1st Foreign Legion light armoured battalion in AMX-10RCs (H&RFM08).

1st Spahis light armoured battalion, also in AMX-10RCs.

The 1st Regiment Hussar Parachutiste.  These should be in ERC-90s (Sagaies).  I had two (rear left) in my spares box, as well as a couple of AMX-10RCs (rear right).  I ordered 8 from Scotia to make up the numbers but was told the mould is temporarily unavailable and they sent me 6 armoured cars (front row) as replacements which were incorrectly labelled.  I think they are VBC-90s (Scotia FM00015), but I'm not sure.  Either way, I found CinC do Sagaies, so ordered three packs from Wargames Emporium, but have just been told they are on reorder from CinC in the States.  Curses, foiled again.  Hopefully CinC will resupply before September, but if not these will have to do!

An ERC-90 Sagaie on the left and a possible VBC-90 on the right.  Close enough but I'd prefer to get the right vehicles if I can.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Great stuff, when do you sleep?

  2. Never by the amount of top stuff he is turning out at the moment! I might have some ERC-90's I will have a look in the shed and let you know asap.
    Great work as always Mr Canham.
    Richard P

  3. Sorry Andy looks like they are all VBC-90's,I will keep looking as I thought I had some from ages ago that were for a planned 1991 Gulf War project.

  4. Cheers guys. Not planning to join the ranks of the Nosferatu just yet. Thanks for looking Richard. I've got them on back order from Wargames Emporium, so hopefully they'll be restocked soonish. I don't really need them for September as I've got the two AMX-10RC battalions to use for armoured recce.



  5. Latest news, the mould has come back on line as Scotia sent me 8 Sagaies, so I have them on the painting table - then at the weekend I had mail from Wargames Emporium to say that they had had my back order filled from CinC, so I have a load of Sagaies on the way from them. Excellent news, a plethora of Sagaies!

    Cheers, Andy