Tuesday, 24 November 2020

More 20mm WW2 Crusaders

 Lots of things stacked up on the painting table.  Unfortunately, real work and the loss of my painting mojo through getting bogged down in trying to shift a load of WW1 German infantry has resulted in a bit of a hiatus on the painting front.  Gradually building back up again, so got these three Crusaders finished - they only needed decals and matt varnish, so were relatively quick to wrap up.

I went for these in plain stone grey washed in Agrax Earthshade.  All are Armorfast Crusader II kits with a PSC commander.

The command tank.  Hatches needed to be cut with a craft knife to open them up.  Stowage is from various Sgts Mess packs.

Nice propaganda pic of the troop.  Should have Jerry quaking in his boots.

Lots more on the go, with NW Europe Shermans and various German panzergrenadier platoons.

As ever, thanks for looking.