Monday 23 April 2018

20mm Late WW2 Luftwaffe air support

I'm still getting ready for the Battlegroup Market Garden weekend, which is coming up in a couple of weeks time.  Late war air support for German battlegroups is restricted to bomb and/or MG armed Bf109s and FW190s.

The Airfix late war Bf109G-6 armed with a single bomb, two underwing MGs and one firing through the propeller. 

This one is painted in light blue, grey violet and black grey.

An Airfix FW190A-5 ground attack version armed with 4 small bombs and one large bomb, plus 2 wing mounted MGs and a second pair of ?autocanons mounted in the nose.

This one is painted in a neutral grey, grey violet and black grey.

Cockpit detail on the FW190.

I thought these guys were wrapped up, but then I realised that Airfix don't supply the swastika decal for the tail, presumably as they are now based in Germany.  So, I will have to source a set of decals with a suitable-sized swastika included to complete them, which is a pain.

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how these have turned out.  Not bad considering I've not built a 20mm aircraft in best part of 40 years.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday 18 April 2018

20mm WW2 vignettes

A couple of vignettes to add some late WW2 period flavour to the tabletop.  These are from CP Models TQD range.  The first will act as a marker for Battlegroup Special rules like "Fight Damn You" and "Deserters Will Be Shot" or "Backs to Berlin".  It depicts a field execution by hanging and is all too good a depiction of actual summary executions in the German Reich from the summer of 1944 onwards, but escalating in intensity in 1945 as the situation grew more desperate.

The models depict two soldiers of the Feldgendarmerie who have intercepted a suspected deserter, who has been executed bearing a label indicating his crimes.

Then this group is designed purely to cheese off any American players, as it depicts a couple of GIs, one wounded, being herded into captivity, having surrendered.  They are depicted walking with arms raised or hands on head, being shown where to go by an SMG armed NCO.  An officer in camo trousers and field grey jacket follows and the group is watched by an enlisted man in field grey who appears to be holding a bottle.

I figure this last group will act as a psychological blow to my US opponents, as well as a triumphal marker to employ when his battlegroup breaks or if any of his units surrender during the game.

I also have a pack of the Pegasus Germans in Berlin, which includes a potential Hitler figure patting a very young Hitler Youth soldier on the shoulder, which I think would be good for Backs to Berlin.  The TQD range also includes a Berlin Breakout group, which has a figure in rain coat with Chaplin moustache and an armed female secretary, also a good candidate for Backs to Berlin.  Perhaps the medal awards if the Germans get additional BR or the breakout party if they have to take extra chits.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday 14 April 2018

Crisis Point 2018 Day 2 action

After a pleasant evening of beer, pies and pleasant conversation, Sunday dawned dry and bright.  Another hearty breakfast was washed down with plenty of tea and coffee and we were ready to start.
Heavy naval guns began to open up on the Andrevian trenches (large patches of white smoke), causing much devastation amongst the HQ and two of the trench line platoons, especially their MMGs.  On the right, the salient was assaulted by Turkish and German engineers who cleared the trench line with grenades and flame, mopping up with bayonet and pistol.  Follow up German infantry pushed on towards Tcherbevan, screening the left flank of a German task force which had crossed a large lake in Central Andrevia and then pushed through the southern hills to approach Tcherbevan from the south.

Four activations struck the Andreivian defenders all together, finally breaking every unit under command.  The mopping up was to be bloody for the Andreivians.  Meanwhile, Soviet cavalry was approaching Tcherbevan from the north west.

Victorious Turkish engineers have cleared the salient and wave on the German troops advancing through the southern hills, before turning their attention to mopping up the last Andreivians.

Seriously thinned Andreivian ranks still under naval bombardment.  The Andrevian Mk V male survived all the naval artillery, but was taken out by a long range FT-17 shot.  Give that tank commander/gunner a medal.

The combined Turkish/German forces swarming forward across the Dvimin line.

Looking north east from Dvimin towards Tcherbevan.  Soviet cavalry are approaching the city from the northwest, while the German task force passes through the southern hills.

Over in the southeast, the other Turkish force closed with the capital city and whittled down the remnants of Woosterforce.  In the northeast, the White Russians took control of the English Church, wiping out the heros of the Andreivian police force when Cossacks infiltrated the churchyard and charged the police unit from behind.  The Andrevian Culture Minister was last seen running through the carnage attempting to reach the airstrip and flee in his DVII, but it is suspected he fell beneath the Cossack sabres.

By the end of play, Andrevian military and para-military forces had ceased to exist.  The British were hanging on in Tcherbevan although part of the city was firmly in White Russian hands.  Large Turkish and German armies were approaching the city from southwest, south and southeast, while a Soviet force was approaching from the northwest.  Whatever the Allied, Central or Soviet powers decided for Andrevia, one thing was certain, it would be a long time before the people of Andrevia would have a say in the process.

A great weekend.  Thanks to Richard C for organising the event and herding the various wargaming cats.  Thanks to Richards C and P for the bulk of the scenery, Kev for his contributions, especially the glorious Turkish battleship, and to all the players for such a fun weekend.  It was great to see some of the local boys enjoying themselves too, with Leo, Arthur and Gabriel all seeming to enjoy themselves.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Crisis Point 2018 Day 1

So, after a hearty breakfast at the local B&B, we headed across the road to the local Primary School hall.  I took command of the Turkish forces, in the guise of Mustapha Pasha, on the Black Sea front, facing off against Ian S's Andreivian regulars dug in along the Dvimin line.  Ian enjoyed five units of 12 infantry, each backed up by an MMG and 3 crew, as well as 2 Mk V tanks, one male and one female, plus support from a pair of medium mortars.  He obviously thought the Turkish threat significant as he deployed three of the infantry units with MMGs along the second trench line, with one unit forward in the fortress of the Dvimin military academy.  Only one infantry unit faced the Soviet thrust from the north.  My Turks comprised 4 8 man infantry units plus a 12 man engineer unit with MMG, demo charges and a flamethrower.  The Turkish HQ included 2 MMG with 3 crew and an attached team of German dragoons in a staff car, trained in naval gunfire support liaison.  The Turks were supported by some German allies commanded by Arthur (a local lad from the village) who fielded 2 captured FT-17 tanks, 2 units of 18 infantry and one of 12 infantry on bicycles, plus a 3 man flamethrower team.
The Andrevians manning the second trench line backed up by a command bunker.

Early congestion as the Turks and Germans tried to get across the first river line to get to grips with the Dvimin Military Academy fortress.  The Turks made good use of requisitioned Dhows and barges to cross the river.

On the eastern front, Kev's Turks pursue the British Woosterforce, despite some stubborn little rearguard actions.

Help is on hand for the Turks on the Black Sea front as a Turkish battleship hoves into view.

Scratch built battleship by Kev - a fantastic build and a great mobile artillery platform.

The Trans-Caucasian Soviet commander, Russ Phillips, moves his Cossacks south towards the Andrevian's hasty stop line.  Richard Phillips (AKA Sir Roderick Spode), commanding the British mission to Tcherbevan, watches on with detached interest, ordering strawberry mouse while the band play tea dance music. 

In the foreground, the Turks and Germans have their act in gear and are making progress forwards, all the time under withering fire from the Andreivians.  Some long range fire is exchanged between the Turkish 37mm on the train and the Andreivian MkV male tank.

Once the Turks closed the range, MMG and rifle fire broke many of the defenders, who were then wiped out in close assault, although the Turkish attackers were reduced to two men and were assisted by a berserk German rifleman who clubbed the last Andrevian to death with his rifle butt, only to succumb to his wounds immediately after.  Andrevian troops attempting to surrender were despatched with bullet, bayonet and entrenching tool.

With the Academy fortress taken, the troops turn their attention on the second line, heading towards the vulnerable right flank where the line turns into a salient.

Over on the eastern front, The Turks have pushed Bertram Woosters British north across the river and Turkish cavalry have caught the mobile British Model T MMG cars bogged down crossing the river.  Despite losses to British MMG fire, the Turkish cavalry spear the crews and capture the vehicles.

The Trans-Caucasian Soviet troops sweep forward towards Tcherbevan.

In the northeast, White Russians and Andrevians slug it out, although the city falls to a coup-de-main force of Cossacks entering the city unobserved.

All through the day, Andrevian police secure the English Church, while the British military mission secure their perimeter, eliminating the German-backed Turkish militias in downtown Tcherbevan.  Late in the day, an Andreivian Fokker DVII takes off from the now secure airstrip and attempts to interdict Turkish troops on both fronts.

The Turkish commander, Mustapha Pasha finally calls up the battleship on the radio, relaying the location of a bombardment mission and the battleship races into position.

The Andrevian regulars suddenly find their northern defences turned, when Soviet forces win the hearts and minds of the Andrevian unit facing them, which defects and turns their guns on their former mates, destroying the mortar battery.  The Andrevian commander cooly orders his HQ unit to turn 180 degrees and machine gun their former mates, which they do with gusto.  He adds the Mk V female for good measure.

The German HQ group waiting to correct the fire of the Turkish battleship.

By the end of the first day, the Dvimin Military Academy is in Turkish hands.

The Turks (on the left) have forced the British Woosterforce to race into Tcherbevan to regroup and bolster up the Military delegation.

An eerily quiet Tcherbevan patrolled by Andrevian police and British units.

A handful of Soviet troops hold the Northern Black Sea coast, but the Andrevian army is too busy with Turks and Germans to turn and deal with them.

The net is closing in on the Andrevian army.

Lots of action around the table and I'm sure I've only picked up on a small fraction.  The Turks and Germans were quite frustrated at first due to the small deployment area and the need to either cross a single bridge or embark on Dhows and barges, all under fire from the Andrevians.

Overnight, the Turks consolidated two dangerously weakened infantry units into a single force and reinforced the command unit with their 2 MMGs.  The MMGs moved up into the Dvimin Academy fortress and the stage was set for Sunday, when the second trench line would be stormed and "tomorrow in Tcherbevan" became the Turkish and German marching slogan.

Thanks for looking.

Monday 9 April 2018

Crisis Point 2018 Return to Andreivia Easter 1918 tables and background

This weekend saw us return to Dungworth for the next installment of the struggle for Andreivia, the fictional country at the eastern end of the Black Sea, bordered by Turkey to the South, Russia to the north and Armenia and Persia to the East.  We played on a large "H" shaped table bordered on one long side by the Black Sea and on the other by mountains.  The cross over represented the capital city, Tcherbevan, bordered by the Southern Hills.

On both southern linbs of the table, Turkish forces, supported by German troops, were pushing north, in the west coming up against the last gasp Andreivian Govt regular forces defending the Dvimin Line, while in the east, Turks were pursuing the remnants of a British expedition, "Woosterforce", which had advanced from Persia/Mesopotamia in an attempt to secure the allied depots in Andreivia, following the capitulation of Russia in the Treaty of Brest Litovsk.  In the northwest, Trans-Caucasian SSR revolutionaries were attempting to liberate the oppressed Andreivian people, while in the northeast, loyal "White" Russians were attempting to maintain Andreivia as part of the Russian Empire.  In the capitol city, a British liaison detachment and the Andreivian police were slupping it out with Turkish freedom fighters backed by German gold.

The war aims of all the players was to try and seize some or all of Tcherbevan and as much territory as they could to maximise their position during negotiations of the Armistice, which couldn't be far away in the Spring of 1918, whoever emerged triumphant from the war to end all wars.

Looking south along the Black Sea coastal road.

Looking east, the lighthouse marking safe passage into the Krupnehr River leading to Tcherbevan in the distance.  Richards Phillips and Crawley surveying their terraforming skills.

Tcherbevan with the legendary giant "Oracle of Andreivia", Richard Crawley, father of the nation.

Looking northwest from the arid terrain between Andreivia and Mesopotamia.  L-R Mark (White Russian), Richard C (umpire in much demand), Ian S (Andreivian Govt commanding the Dvimin Line) and Richard P (British military delegation to Tcherbevan).

Looking southwest from the Medieval city walls (sadly I can't remember the name of the city).

Looking west at Tcherbevan showing the large, modern flour mill and old English church.

Looking west along the Dvimin Line of Andreivian defences.

Terrain is almost exclusively from Richard Crawley and Richard Phillips most excellent collections, much of which is scratch built especially for Andreivia.  Most of the grey cobbled roads and trestle bridges in the shot above are mine, sourced as mdf kits from Ebay and dry-brushed grey.