Friday, 6 June 2014

Turkish 4th armoured brigade

The armoured fist for Turkish 4th Corps is the 4th Armoured Brigade.

The 1st/4th equipped with M60A3 MBTs (H&R USM05) with one dozer equipped MBT from Scotia.  These are painted in the NATO three colour scheme with added Iraqi sand patches.

A more detailed view.

2nd/4th equipped the same as 1/4th.  Similar NATO scheme but no sand patches.

In more detail.
 3rd/4th is a mechanised battalion in AICVs, actually Dutch YPR-765 models (H&R NEM02).  Each of the first three rows represents A-C companies, each with three infantry platoons in AICVs and one Milan ATGW in an M113.  At the rear is D (support) company with three M125A1s (81mm mortar carrier M113s; H&R USM54) and one M113 tow for a 120mm mortar.

An A company M113 Milan carrier with two AICV vehicles in more detail.

D company M125A1s and an M113 120mm mortar tow in more detail.

4th/4th organised the same as 3rd/4th.  Whereas 3rd/4th is in a standard NATO three colour scheme, 4th/4th has patches of Iraqi sand added.

A company vehicles in more detail.

D company mortar carriers and 120mm mortar tow.

Battalion supports include a company of engineers in M113s, with an M60 AVLB (H&R USM37).

The AVLB in more detail.

An ATGM company of AICVs with TOW 2 launchers (actually YPR-765 TOWs; H&R NEM03).

One of the platoon stands in more detail.

An AA company - these are Hummer Stinger carriers for transporting Redeye AA systems.  The models are regular hummers (H&R USM42) with squares of cardboard added to the roof to represent the firing hatch.

One of the hummers in more detail.

Apart from the leg infantry and some HQ and mortar stands, that's the 4th and 20th (see previous posts) Brigades just about wrapped up.  To complete the Corps, I'll need to work up the 9th Motorised Infantry Brigade.  These need a lot of lorry transports.  Unfortunately, I've run out of 40x20 bases, so will have to wait until I can restock at the Phalanx show.  Fortunately, I've got some light armoured battalions for my French Daguet Division which are based and ready for undercoating, so will have plenty to be getting on with.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Once again, very, very, nice job, Don't forget your french for September!

  2. Thanks Steve. I've got a couple of light armoured battalions in AMX-10RCs to photograph and post. Thinking these might make for useful attachments to the cuirassiers. They will also be useful as Spahis and Marines for the Daguet Brigade. Will try and get them photographed later.

  3. Great work Andy, l will have to get my Russians sorted for our first battle. Excellent looking camo on the tanks. Looking forward to seeing more of your French.